Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Mother's of daughters....check this out.

I read an article, and maybe you have too. It's about a book that is in some public school libraries and is becoming very popular among pre-teen/teenage girls.

It's called TTYL.

If you haven't heard of it, and you are a mother of girls, YOU NEED TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

Click HERE to read what one parent wrote (you have to scroll down to read the actual parent review)

And HERE is an article from a New York news station reporting on this story.

It is about 3 girls. It basically follows their IM's (instant messages). There is just about every curse word in this book. There is also GRAPHIC sexual language in this book. There is drinking (these are 15 year old girls!!!!) and these girls look at some pornography....

One article said it is geared toward 15 year olds and NOT younger girls...uh, HELLO! 15 is a younger girl and I certainly would not want my 15 year old reading this book.

I asked my daughter this morning if she had heard of it. She said yes. She saw it on the shelf at Borders and picked it up. She only got to the first page before we had to leave. She thought it looked cool, until i told her of the content. She said she was glad she did read any further...SO AM I...

Public schools have defended having this in their library...so let me get this straight...we can't pray in school, we have not religious freedom in schools...BUT we promote sex, foul language and EVEN flirting with teachers...hmmmmmmmmm.....that's just amazingly backwards to me.

A side note about this book is this. I have read articles and heard teachers (my mom-in-law and 2 of her sisters are teachers in public schools here) talk about how kids are beginning to use the same type of abbreviated writing that use for text and instant messages in their papers. This is becoming a major problem, and yet, this book is completely in text language.

PLEASE BE AWARE of what your children are reading, watching, texting, IMing, listening to, playing, and doing on the computer. NO MATTER WHAT THE POPULAR MEDIA SAYS these things all influence are children tremendously. We cannot be scared, as parents, to ask our children questions about what they are doing and what they are into and who their friends are. WE ARE NOT TO BE OUR CHILDREN'S FRIENDS, we are their parents. We shape and guide them into adulthood and if they have no accountability because we are scared they'll get mad when we say no, they will turn into adults with no accountability.

SO...another post about protecting our kids. There is no more important job in the world than being a parent. We need to take it seriously!!!

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