Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She's at it again.

If you want to see more video of my silly little girl go to my photoblog.

They (THERE ARE 2 VIDEOS) are darker than I thought and you can't see EVERYTHING and I hate my voice and excuse the singing...yada yada yada...

I'm not bragging or whatever but SHE IS SMART and so darn cute!

Also...there are new pictures under the videos including some new garden photos (way down under the cute pictures from the playground)...for anyone who is interested.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What Am I Thinking???

I've decided to join in the madness of... (cue music here...)

Go see Cheerios on my butt? (hee hee, giggle giggle) for more information...

Today's challenge is to take a picture first thing in the morning....ugh.
I will share several..


Go Say Hi!

Hey you guys.

My friend Jessica has started a blogger blog so go check her out. She's the one that started Tasty Thursday. I hope you guys participate this week cuz it is really fun to find out other fun recipes!


Posting pictures of my garden on my photoblog RIGHT AFTER I get my coffee....I can't make it without my coffee.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Ms. Smarty Pants

I can't remember how long this is but the best part is the beginning anyway...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thank you!

You guys are awesome.

Today I am much better. The difference is like night and day.

I'll be doing a lot of gardening today (I hope) so I will post pictures on my photoblog.

It's a beautiful day and I am grateful. Let me share something with you that helped my start feeling better....

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Mud

Do you ever feel like you're walking through mud? Like the stuff you do every day with no effort at all, all of a sudden is like the hardest stuff you ever have done?

Today is like that. I just feel like I have weights on my feet and I can barely get anything done.

Why? Probably my hormones. They make me tired...exhausted...bone weary... BUT I'm still trying to move...keep makes me more exhausted when I have a mess around me. Some moments I feel like crying. Others I just want to lay there.

I will feel better when I get the rest of my stuff done and the little one is down for her nap.

I just had to write about it. I thought maybe it would help.

So back to it. Oddly enough...I do feel a little better now.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday (LATE), TTT, and *NEW* Tasty Thursday....

(Go see Rocks In My Dryer for more!)

I have a hard time coming up with what to make for dinner because I like to make really yummy things SO...I have made a calander for the month. Every Monday is Chicken Night, Tuesday is Fish Night, Wednesday Is Leftovers, Thursday is Random, Friday is Steak Night, Saturday is Pasta and Sunday is Leftovers again.

Then I just look for recipes to plug in each night and I shop for 2 days at a time...I figure them out 1 week at a time.

WORKS FOR ME! and it helps me just have a plan so I don't wonder WHAT'S FOR DINNER!!!

(Go see Sheila for more TTT)

(1) Today is the first day of Summer Break for the oldest! HOORAY!
(2) I worked on the garden for about 20 min last night while my husband cleaned up the back yard and the girls played...(pictures of the garden REALLY are forthcoming to the PhotoBlog...
(3) I love the summer I love the summer I love the summer!


My new friend Jessica has come up with Tasty Thursday. Jessica's blog is a little different. In order to comment you register. It is free and it's just her (not some big blogging place that will use your email for anything)....It's really neat! Go check her out and participate in Tasty Thursday! Click on the "Blog" button on the top of the screen and then click "Read more on this entry!"

So here is my Tasty Thursday...
I got it from Here and YUM! And sooooo easy!

Ultimate Crock Pot Lasagna
Rich, explosive tomato flavors and garlic and onion-rich ground beef will turn your crock pot into a lasagna factory.

1 lb. ground beef
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
1 can (29 ounce) tomato sauce
1 cup water
1 can( 6 ounce) tomato paste
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dried oregano
1 pack (8 ounce) no cook lasagna noodles
4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 and 1/2 cup small curd cottage cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Brown in skillet: beef, onion, garlic. Drain.

Add tomato sauce, water, paste, salt, and oregano and mix well. Spread 1/4 sauce in ungreased 5 quart cooker, arrange noodles (break when needed), combine cheeses and spoon 1/3 over noodles, repeat layers twice, top with remaining sauce. Cover and cook on low 4 to 5 hours or until noodles are tender.

Enjoy your crock pot lasagna.

I have to admit...I used ricotta instead of cottage cheese...this one was a HUGE hit with my family.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Marines Rock!

I saw this bumper sticker today (the yellow one on the bottom). I had my oldest take a picture of it with her phone. It had us cracking up...

One of the best I've seen.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

What's Happening?

Well, for those of you that wonder what is happening in my part of the world here's a little rundown...

The play went fantastic! I spent the majority of it in the lobby of the church with the talkative and VERY LOUD toddler....But I could see through the doors and when my oldest would come onto the stage I would come in and stand in the back. She's a natural as far as I'm concerned...the best Centaur that "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" has ever seen!! :-)

I'm slowly working on potty training the little one. She has gone several times in the potty and she tells me now when she has something in her diaper.

Mother's Day was fantastic...although I didn't have my oldest with me... :-( She was with her other mom, but she gave me the most AWESOME gift and the most perfect card! My hubby gave me a dozen of the most beautiful roses on earth...the were yellowish with red on the tips of the petals...they were so pretty. We (my hubby, my youngest and my mom) went to a neat restaurant we've never been to before and I loved it. My hubby told me that the following Friday he wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant and then we would spend our first night away from the baby...the first time away overnight in 21 months....SO....

FRIDAY NIGHT we went to a fantastic restaurant and stayed over night at an AWESOME hotel here in town...AND I MADE IT! I didn't go through withdrawal and my mom stayed with the little one and had no problems getting her to sleep or anything! Another milestone reached in our lives! AND...I had a blast...I stayed under the covers and watched TV, ordered room service and just spent time with my WONDERFUL hubby! HE TOTALLY ROCKS!

The garden is doing fantastic...I'll take pics today and post them on my Photoblog.

I AM REALLY STARTING TODAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! I weighed myself yesterday and I was 7 pounds heavier than I've that means...I gained 60lbs when I was pregnant. I lost 50lbs after I had the baby and I've gained 12 back, MY DAUGHTER IS 21 MONTHS...I cannot blame it on her anymore :-)....I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS...I have eaten whatever I wanted and actually, my eating habits have gotten really bad in the last few months. I have not been exercising and yet I still whine that my old clothes aren't fitting me right...SHEESH! I wonder why! Mom and I are going to start walking TODAY and will walk EVERYDAY after she gets off work. I have committed to cooking and eating healthier starting TODAY! I have 20lbs now, that I want to lose...that's NOTHING! I know! I will keep you updated on my progress.(for anyone who is interested)

Wednesday is the last day of school for my oldest. Everyday this week is a half day. I'm so excited for her to be out of school. Although she is only with us half of the week it is so much fun when she is here! I think we are going to have a really fun summer! The little one is at an age now where we can do more things with her. PRAY FOR MY OLDEST THIS WEEK PLEASE....Everyday she has exams. This is her first year with exams. (6th Grade)....She had finals at the end of her first semester(in December) and she did fantastic...I am just praying that she cans stay focused on what she is doing and can read and understand the questions clearly, and that she doesn't spend to much time on the ones she isn't sure of....I will let you know how she did when we know.

Last Tuesday she had an award ceremony where she was honored for getting the "Green" honor roll. That means she had a 3.0-3.5 for the entire year! Not bad for a 12 year old, first year of middle school, who goes back in forth between two different homes every week! THAT'S MY GIRL!! :-) We couldn't be more proud...and now I'm one of those parent with a bumper sticker that says "My child is an honor student at ___________ School!" and I'm PROUD TO HAVE IT ON MY TRUCK!!

I've been doing really well with my priorities. My house has been staying clean. Dishes done, Laundry is always ALMOST done...I rearranged our bedroom and I LOVE IT! Before I felt like it was just a room with mismatched furniture and little corners that just collected junk...NOW IT FEELS LIKE A REAL GROWN-UP bedroom! I rearranged the oldest's bedroom too and she loves it! I'm slowly doing the projects I've been wanting to do! It feels really good to get this stuff done.

So...hmmm...go over and Congratulate Christy when you have a chance...she has big news!

Liz posted a really funny thing over on her blog. I've had too much coffee this morning and I'm getting jittery. I have the water going in the garden so I imagine it's a swimming pool by now...which might not be so bad I guess!

So off I go, to work on the laundry, and the dishes, the garden....and whatever else I can think of.

Until later....

THE YOUNGEST...just counted to four...up until now it's been 1,2,1,2 but thanks to Big Bird and Journey to Ernie she just counted 1,2,3,4....she may have gone further if I didn't start cheering and kissing her! Hee was a very exciting moment!! :-)

OH YEAH....TONITE IS THE FINALE OF 24 and CSI:Miami!!!! AND THE BEST PART....They don't overlap! I can watch them both...hooray!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another MeMe

Ok...I've been tagged by Jaymi, Kris and Minnie for this SAME I'm gonna do it NOW....(I don't think I've ever been tagged 3 times for anything)

What is your favorite word?forgiveness

What is your least favorite word?Any curse word...i just don't see the point..but if I have to choose one word (other than a curse word) I'll have to go with "fart" too...we say "toot" around here...I'm not sure how that makes anything better but I just don't like that word.

What turns you on *Spiritually?*When it just clicks and something I hear or read just speaks to me and I'm like "WOW...I GET IT"*Creatively?*Getting started on something...once I get started on whatever it is the momentum starts rolling and I get really into whatever it is and the ideas start coming redecorating a room, any project my daughter is working on, etc...
*Emotionally?*selflessness, when someone does something with no expectation of anything in return...simply for the joy of the other person

What turns you off?arrogance, selfishness, cockiness, disrespect, negativity...YUK

What’s your favorite curse word?I don't curse per se...I do say "crap" ...then I'm all Leave It To Beaver like and I say "oh goodness", "oh dear", "oh my word"...I probably say "Oh My Word" the most, oh, and "Holy Cow".

What sound or noise do you love to hear?My girls laughing husbands voice.

What noise do you hate?cursing, angry yelling, the high pitch ringing sound my TV makes lately at random times...

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?In my previous life I was preparing to be a Prosecutor hoping to one day be a Judge and maybe even a Senator one day.

What profession would you NOT like to do?Trashman...oh gross. (no matter the $$ I just couldn't do it...)

If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates?There IS a Heaven, make NO mistake about THAT...I too want to hear the words "Well done, GOOD and FAITHFUL servent"...can you imagine hearing those words from OUR LORD!

Now I am tagging my newest blogging friends...Liz, Michelle, MsKnow,Bernadette, Annette....and EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAGGED TOO....

***I understand that some people do not like to do these so I will not be offended or feel bad if you choose not too... :-) ***

Thursday, May 18, 2006

For A Laugh

I know I've already seen 2 blogs that I read link to this but I had to share it too JUST IN CASE someone out there hasn't seen it. This is the Evolution of Dance.

This is so funny.

It is 6 minutes long FYI....but it's worth the enter 6 minutes...

My hubby said this guy HAS to been in great shape.

It is so so funny.


SIDENOTE: His name is Judson Laipply. He has a Masters Degree in Education from Bowling Green State University. I'm 99% sure he's a Christian (HERE is why I think that). He's a comedian and a speaker. THIS is his website.

Monday, May 15, 2006

My Little Gymnast

Yes, this is a bathing suit but whenever she has on a bathing suit or a onsie she makes me think of a gymnast...

This is her bathing suit for this year. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. It is a 4t...she is 21 months old...sheesh.

She cried so hard when I changed her back into her can see by the look on her face she loved it and she knew how cute she was...

The little ham. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to My MOM!

...and Happy Mother's Days to all you moms!
I agree with Julia that it's hard to believe that this holiday can apply to me...I feel like I'm still a kid. It seems absurd that I am married and have 2 daughters. Escpecially when I look in the mirror and see that it's still me...

I'm so grateful though. I'm so happy. I have everything in life I could ever ask for. And it keeps getting better.

I hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day! We have the greatest jobs in the world!


Friday, May 12, 2006

About that hem.

Ok..before I start I want to put a disclaimer...

*I am only 29 years old. I have only been married for 4 1/2 years. I am not claiming to have all the answers, I'm not even claiming to be right. I am only sharing things I have learned from my own personal experience or from the experiences of others close to me...I NEVER intend to offend anyone, I pray that what the Lord has revealed to me may help someone. I have felt very compelled lately to use my blog for a purpose other than a journal. I have felt led to share what the Lord has taught me about marriage and family. I don't claim to be a counselor, just a Christian wife and mother who is striving to better my relationships with my family by listening to God's will and not my own. If anyone needs help or is hurting feel free to let me know how I can pray or help, ask me questions....I will always share from my heart and there are TONS of resources that can get you on the path to healing.

I don't want any of you to think that I believe I know it all. I don't have a perfect marriage or life. I will never claim to, because we are all sinners that is only attainable in Heaven. I AM trying to live my life to the potential that God sees in me and everyday I try to find ways to move closer to my goal. I just want to share some of these things with you guys.

Heather raised some issues she has with the article I shared regarding intimacy and a woman's role. Heather, this post is not really directed at you...Your comment and concerns just motivated me to share my view on this issue.

So, with some hesitation and some red cheeks I will share my not-so-politically correct or worldy-correct view for any of you that might be interested...

I agree that there can be many variables when it comes the reasons for a lack of intimacy between a husband and a wife. I think that this article is addressing one major problem though (but not suggesting it is the ONLY REASON for a lack of intimacy). Something I've seen in my own marriage over and over and several other marriages I've been close to; we (as wives/mothers) get busy, tired, overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out and it becomes very easy to put off our husbands needs.

I look at it this way; whether or not he is meeting my needs, it is my responsibility to meet his. We are called as wives to do this. I can't control what he does, whether he's working on our relationship is out of my control. However, what I can control is what I do and my attitude. And, as I've said before, it is almost a guarantee that if you focus on blessing your husband DESPITE his attitude, it will have a major impact on your marriage. A lot of problems in marriages come from the vicious circle of "he's not meeting my needs", "well she's not meeting mine." Which came first, did he stop meeting her needs so she stopped meeting his, or vice versa? It doesn't really matter. It's the "he/she started it syndrome". We as women have a HUGE influence on the direction that our marriage takes. If we don't take the initiative then it very likely will deteriorate.

I think this particular article is simply addressing the woman's side and what our responsibility is as wives. I believe that the majority of intimacy problems in marriages do stem from the woman being overtired and too busy etc. and the interest is just not there. I'm not suggesting it is ALWAYS the woman.

Whether this guy is meeting his wife's needs is not an issue (in my opinion). Whether his feelings are warranted or not, HE FEELS SEXUALLY UNWANTED BY HIS WIFE! That isn't good, BUT those are his feelings. In the same way that we don't want our husbands to tell us we are wrong to feel a certain way or we shouldn't feel a certain way, we shouldn't tell them that either. These are his feelings and the feelings of many other husbands and it is within our power as wives to make him feel wanted. Again, whether or not he is doing his part, I don't think should be part of the equation when considering this.

Again, I don't think this article is saying that it's just woman who don't want sex...I think that in many cases it is though.

My view is basically this…we have influence on our marriage that our husbands do not. We cannot control what our husbands do but we can control what we do. We are called to love our husband and fulfill their needs no matter how tired, overworked, stressed etc. we are - whether we are “in the mood” or not. This is an area that many marriages struggle with.

We are fed day after day by a sinful world that it is all about me me...I think in EVERY area of our lives we are to have a servent's heart...We are to do our best to serve the Lord, our families, and our husbands regarless of whether they are serving you.

I think the author of the article used that letter as a springboard...I don't think she was actually responding to the writer. The letter was just an example of how many men are feeling neglected and "used" (for lack of a better word).

So, as I push the PUBLISH POST button, I will run for cover. I told you I'm nervous about sharing because I usually shy away from any controversy...but I'm dipping my foot in the pool I guess so forgive my nervousness...and be nice. :-)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Article on Marriage

Bowden McElroy linked to a fantastic article. You should check Bowden out...he's really great. He's a Christian Counselor in Oklahoma and puts a lot of his insight and advice right there for all the world to take advantage of. It's really great.

Here is a link to the article he pointed out.

It's on a subject I'm a too shy to talk about but somebody needs to say it!

Have a fantastic day!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We have a wonderful, sweet 2 year old German Shepherd mix, Chula.

We rent our house.

Our wonderful Chula has amazing jumping abilities and has gotten out a lot.

She's been tied up for the majority of the last year. (on a long rope)

It's unfair to her.

We don't want to put a fence up around the backyard if we don't end up buying our house. It's quite an expense.

How do I go about finding a new home for her in the best way? She has to have a good home. I've heard horror stories of dogs that go to new homes and are abused.

I'm sad to see her go.

We've had her all her life.

We love her.

Boo Hoo...

I appreciate any advice. So does she...


I lose 15 lbs.
I wish...everyone could know the joy and peace that comes from resting in the Lord...even other Christians.
I hate...when people complain and complain and complain but don't work for or offer solutions.
I am...always working to better myself...even if it's at a turtle's pace.
I brothers, sis-in-laws, neices and my nephew (whom I've haven't met yet)
I hear...Bob and Larry in the Ballad of Little Joe. (Veggietales)
I wonder...what my little one is saying most of the time. She's getting better though..i understand a lot more.
I can't imagine...being hopeless.
I regret...not sticking with one thing and getting really good at it...sports, singing, musical instruments...etc.
I am not...risky or adventurous. I'm not interested in doing anything that could result in death (sky diving, swimming with sharks, bungie jumping, etc...)
I sing...constantly...always...forever.
I everything with my girls.
I cry...usually only in front of my hubby.
I am not always...patient. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get into the mindset and I occasionally can snap at my family.
I do have...everything in life I could ever want or need.
I to travel all over the US and the world at some point with my hubby and girls.
I make...a really yummy lasagna but I don't make it often for some reason.
I write...lots of, to do, BIG PROJECT To Do's....
I confuse...corn and carrots (in name not by site). It's really wierd.
I know...the words to countless random songs...Christian songs, country songs, 80's and 90's songs, lots of oldies, even heavy metal and hard rock, rap...I love music and singing.
I should...exercise everyday but I don't...and I wonder why I'm not losing weight.
I start...exercising TODAY...I WILL, I WILL, I WILL....

I am tagging EVERYONE again. I hate picking...but specifically Jaymi and Liz.

I have no idea who has done this yet so if you haven't then DO IT! and let me know so I can read it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Friend

Go wish my friend Liz a Happy Birthday.


THE PLAY...oh the drama

Tonight is my oldest daughter's play.

She is very VERY nervous.

They have to perform twice, once today for the rest of the 6th graders and tonight for whoever comes.

She is more nervous about performance #1 than #2....

She was so stressed yesterday she worked herself into a headache.

Please pray for her. She is going to do fantastic.

I will post pictures.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Check Her Out

I have a couple new blogging friends...check Liz out HERE and Jaymi HERE and Kris HERE. Funny that two of them have Flip Flop in them! Hee Hee....

Anyway, if you don't know them, go introduce yourselves!


Monday Morning

Is it Monday already? It kind of feels like the weekend took forever but on the other's Monday ALREADY!

I have a bazillion things to do today.

I haven't written about my girls lately so here's a quick update...

The oldest is about to finish her first year of middle, what a year of changes and growing up. Tomorrow night is her school play. I can't wait. She went to a birthday party on Saturday at a "tea room" was a tea party where the tried on hats and drank tea and had all the things that go along with that. She's growing up so fast but she is still a little girl in some ways. It's interesting.

The baby...well, she's nuts. I decided against potty training AND the big girl bed. She is sleeping like a dream. Remember all of those tearful posts about lack of sleep and stress....those are a thing of the past. It's been months since I've had issues. I weaned her back in February EASILY (18 months old)...for both of us, and we haven't looked back. Her night sleeping improved 1000%. She is now telling me when she has pee-pees and poopies so I'm thinking potty training is on the horizon. She already has a potty, however, her big sis is better at taking her and trying than I am. I think SHE will be the one who will get the credit when the little one is potty trained. The little one is talking like a pro...every day she learns new things and remembers them....she is using her left hand predominantly too...

So there is my update on the girls.

This time a year gets hectic with school getting out, camp coming up, trips being planned etc....But i love's all part of being a mom!

Oh...another place to add to my TTT (which would make it FTT huh?)...I saw Mission Impossible 3 with my hubby (on a date!!! Saturday night) it they go to Italy...I realized I WANT TO GO THERE TOO!!!

My house is clean and most of the laundry is done. I'm watering the garden and getting ready to take off for a million (I think I said a bazillion actually) errands.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

TTT - Places I want to visit

(1) Greece

(2) Mexico

(3) Holland

My Photoblog

I've started my photoblog. It's right HERE if you want to check it out.

Blinkies and stuff

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I have discovered blinkies...and I love them. Please forgive me for going overboard, but they are SOOOO much fun! If you scroll down and look on the right you will find links to the websites where I got them.

In other news...I will be putting ANOTHER new category on my sidebar for books that I have read that I feel could be helpful to others.

Thanks for your attention...I now return you to your blog hopping...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some New Stuff

On my sidebar I have added a new list of Marriage Resources...I will also be adding Parenting Resources too....when I have time.

Off to clean my house and water my garden.

Thinking of starting a photo page just for my pictures, and a blessings page like some of you have done...keep your eyes open for those.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Something ELSE you should know...

Regarding my post about marriage...(you can read it HERE)
If you choose to accept this mission, SATAN will be on you full force.Your hubby may not show any appreciation. Your hubby may be an especially foul or stressed out mood and not even SEEM to notice. You may feel tempted at some point to say "DON'T YOU SEE WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING....DON'T YOU KNOW HOW HARD I'VE BEEN TRYING..."


Let me assure you that it IS worth it and your husband DOES NOTICE....

I am telling you this FROM experience.

Don't give in to the temptation to give up or get angry or be hurt. Whatever we do we should do with no expectation. You should not be doing things for your husband with any expectation of recieving ANYTHING need to bless your husband for the sole motivation and purpose of BLESSING YOUR HUSBAND....if he NEVER EVER says anything about it you should rest in the joy of BLESSING YOUR HUSBAND...

1 Cor 10:31 tells us that whatever we do, do it for the GLORY OF GOD....not for our own glory or recognition.

I just wanted to share this because it can be discouraging to be trying so hard and feel like he doesn't notice, but remember GOD notices...HE sees our hearts and our motives... and we will be blessed.