Monday, January 30, 2006

Ugh Bug

Within 10 min of taking the Emetrol I felt like a new person. I feel awesome...oh my word, I've never taken it before but it is a MIRACLE! WOO HOO!!!

I feel icky. It started last night in the middle of the night. It hovered most of the day and came back full force this afternoon. My back hurts and I'm queazy (I am not pregnant, this I know for sure)....

My wonderful, spectacular hubby is making a wonderful dinner. I do feel hungry. I've taken pepto and now some emetrol. I don't have time to be sick and I have NO IDEA where this came from or what it is. It's been an eternity since I've been sick. I still don't think it's a virus or anything...I just think it's just a weird thing that is happening...

I think the emetrol is starting to work.

I'll write more later about the goings on in my house....I just had to post something for now.

Friday, January 27, 2006


She slept, I slept. It was so nice. She went to sleep at 12:00 on the dot (yes, actually an entire hour early) and I quickly jumped into bed by 12:19. She woke up at 1:50, cheerful! hooray! She has been eating cheerios since she got up....she LOVES them!

Thank the Lord for sleep! I feel much better.

I feel sleepy, oh so sleepy.....

Ok, I don't regret nursing my daughter. She gained weight so well and was so healthy...for the most part. BUT...I thought nursing was suppose to help build her immunity. I don't know what I thought that meant but FOR GOODNESS SAKES! It seems that every month since August she's had a cold. I think it has to do with the nursery at church. She has it bad again. RUNNY RUNNY NOSE...nasty cough, sneezing...a little congestion....she was up ALL NIGHT except for 3 hours after I gave her an antihistimine....That means I was up all night. I don't ever remember being more tired than I am right now. She is sleepy but has no intent on going down for her nap yet (3 hours early? yeah right mom)...even though she didn't sleep last night and she's so tired, it will be 1245 or 100 before she goes for a nap. I think I can make it if I just stay away from laying down, maybe even sitting is a bad idea....but I might collapse from exhaustion if I stand....oh, goodness. I feel so bad for her because she has snot coming out a million miles an hour. Other than that though, she is in good spirits, as usual...

Pray for some rest today, please....please....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A couple more pics


I just love this one so I have to share it.

The little one didn't realize she's not a big girl and she thought she needed to be with them. She was welcome for awhile. (You can barely see her toward the left of the picture)

Then the sent her packing and shut the door.

Here is my mom with the little one, playing with her blocks. She loves to build. We had to keep her busy while the big girls were hanging out in my oldest's room.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beautiful Baby

Hey You Guys....I entered my baby in Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby Contest. This is the picture I submitted so keep your eye out for it if you watch....

I just thought I'd take a stab at it!

The slumber party was a HUGE success! Like I've said before, I love throwing parties! 8 girls total, 11 and 12 years old, NO FIGHTS! Not one! They were up until 1:00 (I attempted to go to sleep but our room is in the old garage, about 10 feet from the living room) so I was up too. But that's daughter had a blast.

Sunday morning they went into the garden and made a themselves a little house.

Everyone had a great time!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Daddy and his baby girl....

2 weeks 3 days old

17 months 4 days old

I took this picture on Saturday and remembered I had one from when the baby was little.
I just think it's so cute!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Slumber Party...

I told my oldest she could invite as many girls as she wants to her slumber party birthday party....right now there are 8 eleven and 12 year old girls in this room with me...all the lights are off...they are watching Hangman's doesn't get any better than this!

I'm very bones hurt. We have been going and going all day to prepare for this evening and tomorrow. I told the guy at church in my baby's nursery that I would fill in for him tomorrow so I am going to church while my hubby holds the fort down. By the way, my dear hubby is staying away from the house until it's time to go to bed. He is, right this second, 2 blocks away at my mom-in-law's house watching TV. My baby is sound asleep, 30 minutes later than normal...she was a bit wound up with all of the big girls here playing with her.

The party lasts until 2:00 tomorrow...I hope I do.

Friday, January 20, 2006


I have a list of 45 links to blogs I read and subscribe to on the right side of my page.

I didn't ask permission from all of you.

No on has complained but for some reason it dawned on me today that some of you might not want to be linked might want to keep your site private...

PLEASE LET ME KNOW....I will not feel bad. Just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to remove you.

ALSO...Feel Free to link to me!
Unless you are some sort of nasty website.



(Notice my De-Lurking Week Button on the right...I just changed it....I might just keep this one there forever, BUT did you know it is de-lurking week (almost over)...which means LEAVE A COMMENT!)

(I'm a dork...De-Lurking Week was LAST WEEK!)

I've combined 2....kindof...Five Foto Friday and Favorite Foto Friday. Here are my brother and sis-in-laws 2 kids. Mia Rene and Carter Boaz.....Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!

three things THURSDAY....on friday AGAIN!

(1) I tend to procrastinate (see title of post).....
(2) I now have 2 neices and one nephew (on my side, not including my husband's, there are tons on his side...).
(3) My hubby thinks I'm becoming a hermit. I don't like going anywhere if I don't have to and if I could strictly communicate by email and NEVER have to use my phone I'd be perfectly happy....I'm just a homebody. I guess I've convinced myself that talking on the phone is nerve-racking because you don't have time to think about what you're going to say, unlike email and IMing....

#1 and #3 are things I am working on changing in my life.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here he is in his mommy's arms. He is truly a miracle baby. I've told the story before but here is the condensed version in case you haven't heard. (or click here and here and here to read the full version)

My brother Cody and his wife April of 2003, after trying for 8 years, they were told they could not conceive a baby. They decided to adopt.
August 2003 - a baby is born and dropped off at a hospital and left in tiny town in Guatemala.
November 2003 - In a Guatemala orphanage they see her and it's love at first sight.
February 2004 - Kristina and Cody decide Kristina will stay in Guatemala as they wait for the adoption to finalize. This will give her the opportunity to be the foster mother to Mia Rene instead of having a stranger do it while they are thousands of miles away.
April 2005 - After what was suppose to be only a few months, Kristina returned to the United States with Mia Rene (now 20 months old) after she spent over a year in Guatemala.
June 2005 - Cody, Krissy and Mia come visit my mom and me (and my family) and break the news.....after 9 years she is pregnant....WHAT A MIRACLE...

Kristina goest through somewhere around 19 hours of excruciating labor....the baby wouldn't come out....with the help of forceps and a vacuum Carter Boaz Mummau arrives into this world! They have said that it is possible that Kristina's water broke up to 4 days before without her knowing, so that made the birth very very difficult.

Kristina and Cody are two of the strongest people and the best parents I know.

Praise the Lord for Miracles!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Thanks to everyone for your responses, prayers and well wishes! It was a long stressful day and I'm so grateful to God that everything turned out well.

I talked to my brother and my sis-in-law last night and they sounded exhausted...but a relieved exhausted...

I heard my nephew cry.

My brother said that he has golden tones in his hair and maybe, possible some curly sis in law has VERY curly hair.

They say he looks alot like my brother, although my brother says he sees my sis-in-law in there too.

Carter Boaz Mummau...he was 22 inches long, 8lb 10oz and his head was 14 inches (35.56 centimeters)...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:35pm (435pm ET)
8lbs 10oz.....

He made it!!! whew!!!! THANK THE LORD!!! Everyone is fine!!!

I'll post pictures when I get some, knowing my brother that will be really soon.

Thanks you guys! Thank you so much!


Things aren't going well. It's been 4 hours since she started pushing. I don't know details and I heard from my mom who heard from my sis-in-law's mom...they can't get him out. For some reason they can't do a c-section...they are getting the foreceps....I'm really having a hard time right now. I'm 1700 miles away. Her mom was in tears when she was talking to my mom but mom asked if there was still a heartbeat and her mom said she thinks so.

Please pray. Thanks.

Question of the Day

1:00 (3:00 ET): She is still pushing...3 hours so far...not much progress in the last 2 hours...Oh, please pray that it goes fast from here...UGH

How long did you push when you had your children? I'm just curious.
I pushed for 30 minutes almost exactly, but that seemed fast....
So how long did it take you guys?


My nephew is on his way!!!

UPDATE: 1030am (1230 ET) She started to push!!!! WOOO won't be long now! Hopefully.....

The doctor sent my sis-in-law home yesterday and said she was close but not quite. Well, last night at like 1130 she was ready to go back. And at 800 this morning she was 7 centimeters and getting an epidural! She's been in a lot of pain but my brother said she is a real trooper. She is handling it all so well! I'm so proud of her!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok, I'm jumping the gun a bit but it's so exciting.

My big brother Cody called this morning and said my sis-in-law Kristina M I G H T be in labor this morning!!!!

That means my nephew, Carter Boaz Mummau, might be here soon!!!!!!!!

What a miracle!!

Read more about them HERE.

I'll keep you updated....pray pray pray!!! Thanks!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Peter 3:14-15

Our sermon today was on I Peter 3:14-15-
4 But even if you should suffer for righteousness' sake, you are blessed. "And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled." 15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;

This is something I pray for myself and all of you. When things have gotten rough and we feel like the whole world is falling apart, those are the times we need to shine the most to those who don't know Christ. It' s not easy, and it's ok to question why...but in the end, keeping the joy that was given to us when we came to know Christ, knowing that the things of this earth are temporary and our joy lies in what is ahead...that is the greatest testimony we can give. And we need to be ready for the questions from those how might not understand. How can you have joy when this is happening to you? Why do you have a smile on your face? WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT I DON'T?

Daniel 12:3
3 Those who are wise shall shine
Like the brightness of the firmament,
And those who turn many to righteousness
Like the stars forever and ever.
This is what we were made for, in good times and bad, to shine like stars, the reflection of the light of God's love to those who are lost.

Romans 8:15
15 For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father." We have no reason to fear, but a reason to rejoice because God has ADOPTED us! He is our Father, our Daddy, no one can snatch us out of His hand....NO ONE!

I love these verses and our pastor used them all today. This is something I've always felt strongly about, but I still struggle. I still get caught up in the grumbling and complaining when things aren't going my way...when I really should count myself as blessed.

James 1:2-3
2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

Trials, struggles, should remind us that we are His...and we must be doing something right because Satan is working overtime to try and defeat us.

I just felt I needed to share this with you all today.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I Can Hear the Oh's and Ah's From Here!

She has arrived and she is beautiful!

I'm a sucker....

Thanks to Shelley I had to do this one. I just love these things.
Your results:
You are Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman



The Flash





Green Lantern


Iron Man

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Favorite Photo Friday

I thought I'd play along since I love sharing pictures. This one is from Christmas....I just think it's cute.

Three Things Thursday....Friday Bragging On My Kids Edition

Sorry Sheila...I'll get it on Thursday next week!

(1) My daughter, after 16 1/2 months, has begun to call me Momma today...She is walking around the house saying Momma, momma, momma..........IT IS SO AWESOME!

(2) She also now knows where her nose is and where her ears are.

(3) My oldest daughter is in advanced Math this year, her first year in middle school, and on her final in December she got an 88%!!!!!!! She's been unsure and thought she was having a hard time but this just proved what I knew all along....SHE IS BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One More Again

She napped again today...without a fight...for an hour. wow.

She went to bed at 730 again...without a fight...she's having a problem sleeping through the night again, but we'll tackle one thing at a time. A regular naptime and a regular bedtime. She's falling asleep on her own but the last 3 nights she's woke(?) me up 4 or 5 times. I'm not sure what that's about but I'll deal with that next week.

My house is clean, I mean really clean...thank you FlyLady, you R O C K!!!

I've gone to Baby Boot Camp2 days in a row. It's kicking my B O O T Y! After missing for 2 weeks it's like starting all over. That's ok...I've recently noticed my little belly is shrinking...slowly...but I've noticed.

My oldest is with us tonite, until Saturday. Hooray! We've been working on her homework. I love it. We're watching Wednesday night shows (Criminal Minds, CSI:NY)...I'm liking having the cable hooked up.

It's been a really good day overall. I can't wait to go to bed. I love our new bed with our new sheets and our new comforter. It's so comfy, I never want to leave.

Now I'm going to pray with my daughter, tuck her in...then I'm going to sleep.
Good Night All!

What Form of Art Are You?

I saw this on Sheila's blog. I thought it would be fun, as I love these silly things.

You are Photography.
You are adept at recording reality and are inclined
to see beauty on the surface of things. You
are still growing and just beginning to
discover what you're capable of. You get along
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What form of art are you?
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fresh From Her Nap Posted by Picasa

Miracle of Miracles!

My 16 1/2 month old daughter has been on a nap boycott for, hmmm, about a month or two....and I've allowed it. After a few days of several hours of screaming (not crying, no tears, truly yelling and screaming in anger) I got fed up and just began to ignore naptime when it would roll around. My daughter didn't even seem to notice. She wouldn't be fussy, not obvious signs of being tired. But when we would go somewhere mid-afternoon she would be sound asleep before we arrived. So I knew she needed sleep.

Then she got sick, and I began to feel guilty. I can't prove it but I'm willing to wager that her lack of sleep CONTRIBUTED TO (not caused, ok, I'm not totally blaming myself) a weak immune system allowing her, for the first time in 16 months, to get TERRIBLY ill! So I told myself, no matter how hard, naptime is a MUST once she gets better.

She's better.

Today I was exhausted too. She hasn't slept well the last 3 nights so neither have I. I felt, today, as if the wind was knocked out of me. I was bone weary. I went to Baby Boot Camp for the first time in 2 weeks and when I got home I just wanted a nap. After we ate I decided it was time. At 12:32, after reading and rocking her, I laid her down....and she stayed asleep. I came into the living room, brought our dogs in, and I heard the scream....she woke up and realized what I had done!!! She was alone, in her crib, in her room and she was not happy!

At 12:47 I went in and didn't pick her up but told her that I loved her and it was nigh-night time. I kept laying her down and she kept standing up and I kept laying her down. Finally she stayed laying down and began to calm down. I patted her and she laid there. After 25 minutes I was almost out of the room but she began just to stand up again, not crying, but just standing. SOOOOO, I told her she needed to lay down and sleep and mommy loved her. I walked out. It was 1:12.

She yelled for 6 minutes..........AND SLEPT FOR 2 WHOLE HOURS!!!!!!

I got to sleep for an hour and a half! AND...she's in a good mood now, and SO AM I!

How A W E S O M E is that!!!!! I'm so pleased.

I just had to share that.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My last Christmas Present

Instead of a dishwasher I just ordered this beauty!

We decided that since we are renting and may move in 2 or 3 months it would not be wise to invest in a dishwasher at this point. THAT IS OK!!! I currently don't have an actual toaster, I have a toaster oven which is wonderful except when it comes to toast. We just don't get along and I'm always burning the toast because the settings for toast just don't work.

I just had to share that with you all!

Thank You!

Thanks to all of my friends in blogland for your prayers. My baby girl is now a day and a half past her last diarrhea! Yesterday she had a normal poopy and same with this morning. I think we are in the clear!!!!!!!!!!


In other news....last night my oldest made some Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies all by herself with my Kitchenaid Mixer...they are D E L I C I O U S!

My house is very clean. I'm very happy and content today. It feels good after a brutal week of sicky babyhead!!!!

We hooked our cable up last week and have decided to leave it hooked up (in case I haven't mentioned before, we have cable internet which comes with cable tv but he haven't had the tv hooked up for months because we find ourselves watching it ENTIRELY TOO MUCH)...i'm happy we're leaving it hooked up for now. I love Sunday night tv! I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening with a clean house and a healthy baby!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, January 06, 2006


My baby girl is still really sick. I guess I thought it would be over in like 3 days so I kept thinking she was getting better BUT....diarrhea. Man, it's bad. She'll be fine, playing and whatever, then she'll start screaming, yelling, crying, whatever....then I'll change her diaper and she'll lay in the middle of the floor, motionless...worn out. I hate this. I read that it can last 3-9 days and even up to 2 weeks. I can't believe she just is laying there...I've got blankets on the floor to make it soft and she's covered up, just laying there. I've NEVER seen her like this. I know it's part of it but I feel so helpless. In her whole 16 months she's never been sick like this. Only some colds but nothing like this. First throw ups and first diarrhea....I pray it's the last for awhile.

I just want to see her up playing, back to normal. I wish she could talk and tell me what she needs and how she feels.

Oh well...please pray that she gets better soon.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Three Things Thursday - 2006 Goals

(1) To get consistant with everything! Exercise, cleaning house, baby's nap, quiet time with God...

(2) To lose these last few prego pounds.

(3) To make at least one new good friend.

Sorry I've missed the last two TTT's....(see #1 of this post)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Christmas, New Years and Pictures Galore!

I've decided to just post a bunch of random pictures from the last few weeks.

My favorite part of Christmas would have to be ordering EVERY SINGLE THING from American Girl that my oldest asked for this year....let me back up a little. Every year my oldest daughter gets the American Girl catalog before Christmas and circles and writes down everything she wants. Every year I've smiled, said oh that's cool and then we go buy her a bunch of other things. WELL...this year we decided to get the two grandmothers in on it and I took her list and ordered EVERYTHING! She is 11, almost 12 and she loves American Girl. She is the best daughter, she never talks back and she has the sweetest spirit. I married her daddy when she was 7 and I've watched her grow into a beautiful young lady who is so sincere and respectful so she deserves this more than anyone I know.
It was so much fun watching her unwrap one at a time realizing what was going on.

We didn't exactly follow through with our plans that we (I) had made but it was a wonderful holiday. Then some of my family came through town over New Years.

Then, New Years little one began to throw up. All she had that morning was water and that's what kept coming out. It wasn't pretty. After 4 hours of her not keeping ANYTHING down, including 1 teaspoon of Pedialite, our doctor on call suggested the there we went. THANK THE LORD we got there and it was within 45 min that we got back. She was so weak and tired...I wouldn't say it was scary, because I knew she would be ok, but it was something I've never experienced before. She's never been sick like that before. Never thrown up, until now....The got her hooked up to an IV to hydrate her and did some tests. Praise the Lord that it was only a virus and nothing more. We were there for about 7.5 hours, and every second was worth it to get her hydrated. It was awful to see my little bundle of electricity so tired and weak....She's doing much better now. Still a few symptoms but no more throwing up. She has quite the gurgly tummy though...poor thing. But she's up and playing now, which is such a relief to see.

So enjoy the pictures. I hope everyone's holidays were fun, relaxing and full of joy. My little one is sound asleep and I'm pretty tired too. It's been a long couple of days and nights. I'll be happy when all is back to normal around here.

I'm planning on taking up scrapbooking. I currently have about 8000 pictures on my computer (no, i'm not kidding) and but I never print them out. I'm considering doing something like Shutterfly to get them developed and then start some scrapbooks. Any suggestions regarding scrapbooking? I'd love to find a local group that gets together to do it. Is there such groups? Where do I look?

Well, I'm out for now! Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess this would be the best....all attempts at a family picture failed miserably for one reason or another! Oh well....that's us! Posted by Picasa

Silly Family Picture Posted by Picasa

I love this picture! Posted by Picasa

Gram Gram and my little one Posted by Picasa

Me and my baby girl Posted by Picasa

This is her surprised look Posted by Picasa

Sisters Posted by Picasa

My baby girl and my sis-in-law Posted by Picasa