Thursday, March 29, 2012

Complacent or Content?

A friend of mine on Facebook made a good point today after I posted the Phillipians verse.  There is a difference between being content and being complacent.  

To me, being complacent is being resigned to the way things are, not hoping or trying for change or for anything better.  It's not at all related to peace or joy, but more in being stuck and hopeless.

Being content, in my opinion, is resting in the joy of our salvation in Christ and our future with Him DESPITE my circumstances.  REAL joy is not a result of our circumstances, but a knowledge that our circumstance won't affect our security in HIM, and our circumstances can be used to glorify God and lead others to Him.

When circumstances aren't "ideal" or when things are outright horrible, look for God's hand.  Nothing He does or allows in our lives is arbitrary.  It is ALL for His glory and usually, if you look really close, you can see His hand.  There is joy and peace in knowing that, if for nothing else, our suffering will be used to bring Him glory and our lives can be a testimony to others of His loving kindness.

Our insignificant time on this earth has NOTHING at all to do with us and our pleasures and is ALL about THE CREATOR who created us, THE SAVIOR who redeemed us and THE SPIRIT who lives in us being glorified.  

It is my desire in all I do to be available to be used by HIM to do that!

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