Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I feel so funny starting to blog again.  I was reading my old blog posts earlier and feel like I've grown up so much since then.

I started blogging in 2005!  6 1/2 years ago.  My girls were 1 and 11!  Since then I've taken up running and have run in two half marathons, moved across the country, taken up reading, quit drinking coffee, started drinking coffee again, I'm attempting to start extreme couponing, I'm homeschooling this year, my oldest daughter lost her thumb and she also found a long lost brother and aunt (hahaha..confusing if you don't 'know' us), my youngest has turned out to be one of the smartest little people i've ever known as well as one of the most, shall we say, "adventurous" (to a fault).  I've gotten a LOT of gray hairs (totally uninvited btw)....

I've also felt led to start working with girls in the Youth at church.  I feel like they are so bombarded with lies about beauty, relationships, love, modesty, and so on...I just can't stand by and watch as this generation of girls turn into a generation of women who are scarred from the mistakes of their youth and abuse of society.

I've also developed a deep relationship with my Lord, I've realized the one purpose in this life is to bring other's to Christ and glorify Him in all we do...and honestly, I believe that's the most important think I've learned in my whole entire life.  It affects everything I do, every relationship I have, and though I fail quite often...I really feel like I know why we are here and it's not about us.  That brings me comfort.

So, I don't know where this blog will go...I'm guessing there will be posts about all of the things I mentioned above.  AND I don't know who will read it.  But here I am...for some reason for weeks I've been thinking about doing this, so I'm doing it!

So, here we go.