Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coupons Coupons

I'm on a money saving adventure...couponing!  I've realized there is A LOT to it!  
1)  I have coupons from last Sunday, as well as from the internet, cut out and put in individual envelopes based on store department (i.e. frozen food, meat, cereal etc) and I have written on the outside of the envelope what coupons i have, how much and expiration.  
2)  I have made a list of every store I might possible buy from....and there is a LOT around here!  
3)  I need to make a list of websites from which I can get coupons.  
4)  I also have the circulars for all the stores....

And I've only just begun!  My friend Stacey has a 'manual' online here.

So I'm going to keep notes like this to track how I do my couponing and my results!

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