Thursday, March 09, 2006

TTT - Random

I don't think I have a think so here are 3 things that come to me as I am writing this.

(1) I haven't blogged much lately...I've been spending most of my time messing with my template and a couple others. Plus, I just haven't felt like writing anything.

(2) I'm trying DESPERATELY to change my way of thinking. I'm trying to get my priorities in order. I'm trying to think more positively. I want to consistently keep my house clean, exercise, eat right, take my youngest to the park...etc...I know it's possible but I just find it easier to mess around on the computer or sit here and play. I want to start to MAKE AN EFFORT in my life and take care of myself and my family better.

(3) Our church is in the middle of a huge drama. It's the largest church in our state. It's been in the paper and in the news for the last month. It seems things are looking better but there is a lot of resolution and reconciliation to be done on all sides and some parties need to take responsibility for some bad decisions made. I'm praying for an end to the drama and a begin to rebuilding. GOD IS AMAZING and He CAN do anything! I appreciate your prayers.

There you have it. 3 random things that I just wrote as they came into my head. AND ALL ON THURSDAY!!! Wow! Not thursday at midnight or Friday...but THURSDAY MORNING! HOORAY!

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