Friday, April 28, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Ok, I was tagged by Dionna, by the way...if you haven't visited her YOU MUST! She's got some great stuff!

So here are 10 Simple Pleasures I enjoy...

(1) Walking out into the garden and seeing new things popping up from under the earth or new flowers blooming...
(2) My youngest daughter's kisses...
(3) My oldest daughter's insight and wisdom above and beyond her 12 years of life.
(4) My two girls playing and laughing together.
(5) A great cup of coffee.
(6) Being a woman...I'm thinking of writing a post on all the reasons it ROCKS to be a woman.
(7) A great song that makes my eyes tear up...
(8) Learning something new or gaining a new perspective on opening your eyes for the first time.
(9) Chocolate...
(10) My husband's laugh, his voice, his sense of humor, his husband.

These really are things I experience every day and they make my life so full of joy.

I am tagging Kris, Gwen, Stephanie, Minnie, OH SHOOT...if you're reading you're tagged...I'm sitting her trying to link everyone I want to tag but I WANT TO TAG EVERYONE! Let me know if you do it so I can come read it!!


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