Friday, July 21, 2006

What a difference a day makes!

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So last night my oldest returned from New York. The plane got in at 845. By the time we got home it was about 930.

The little one was very tired (as was I!)...I fed her a big bowl of oatmeal...gave her NOOOOOOO medicine. She was in a really good mood, not grouchy at all. At 1030 she went to 1038 I was in bed myself.

She slept ALL night. I think I heard her make audible noise 2 or 3 times but no crying whatsoever. I woke up at 720. She woke up at 820! and she was in a great mood.

She is now sitting on the couch, watching Sesame Street....

Happy baby...happy mommy! My big girl is home and my little girl is not crabby and Mommy got to sleep last night! What more can I ask for!

By the way....has anyone ever heard of a 2 year old having her 6 year molar? Cuz my 2 year old has her 6 year old molar...really it's called her 1st permanent molar....what's up with that. I have counted her teeth 50 trillion times with several witnesses...and it keeps coming up the same....she has 8 total on the bottom, awaiting 2 more molars (1 on each side)....she has 10 total on the top....6 on one side and 4 on the other (with one more coming in).


By the way, go congratulate Veronica when you have a second if you haven't already!

I'm off to have a wonderful day!

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