Friday, May 19, 2006

Another MeMe

Ok...I've been tagged by Jaymi, Kris and Minnie for this SAME I'm gonna do it NOW....(I don't think I've ever been tagged 3 times for anything)

What is your favorite word?forgiveness

What is your least favorite word?Any curse word...i just don't see the point..but if I have to choose one word (other than a curse word) I'll have to go with "fart" too...we say "toot" around here...I'm not sure how that makes anything better but I just don't like that word.

What turns you on *Spiritually?*When it just clicks and something I hear or read just speaks to me and I'm like "WOW...I GET IT"*Creatively?*Getting started on something...once I get started on whatever it is the momentum starts rolling and I get really into whatever it is and the ideas start coming redecorating a room, any project my daughter is working on, etc...
*Emotionally?*selflessness, when someone does something with no expectation of anything in return...simply for the joy of the other person

What turns you off?arrogance, selfishness, cockiness, disrespect, negativity...YUK

What’s your favorite curse word?I don't curse per se...I do say "crap" ...then I'm all Leave It To Beaver like and I say "oh goodness", "oh dear", "oh my word"...I probably say "Oh My Word" the most, oh, and "Holy Cow".

What sound or noise do you love to hear?My girls laughing husbands voice.

What noise do you hate?cursing, angry yelling, the high pitch ringing sound my TV makes lately at random times...

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?In my previous life I was preparing to be a Prosecutor hoping to one day be a Judge and maybe even a Senator one day.

What profession would you NOT like to do?Trashman...oh gross. (no matter the $$ I just couldn't do it...)

If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates?There IS a Heaven, make NO mistake about THAT...I too want to hear the words "Well done, GOOD and FAITHFUL servent"...can you imagine hearing those words from OUR LORD!

Now I am tagging my newest blogging friends...Liz, Michelle, MsKnow,Bernadette, Annette....and EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAGGED TOO....

***I understand that some people do not like to do these so I will not be offended or feel bad if you choose not too... :-) ***

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