Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Morning

Is it Monday already? It kind of feels like the weekend took forever but on the other's Monday ALREADY!

I have a bazillion things to do today.

I haven't written about my girls lately so here's a quick update...

The oldest is about to finish her first year of middle, what a year of changes and growing up. Tomorrow night is her school play. I can't wait. She went to a birthday party on Saturday at a "tea room" was a tea party where the tried on hats and drank tea and had all the things that go along with that. She's growing up so fast but she is still a little girl in some ways. It's interesting.

The baby...well, she's nuts. I decided against potty training AND the big girl bed. She is sleeping like a dream. Remember all of those tearful posts about lack of sleep and stress....those are a thing of the past. It's been months since I've had issues. I weaned her back in February EASILY (18 months old)...for both of us, and we haven't looked back. Her night sleeping improved 1000%. She is now telling me when she has pee-pees and poopies so I'm thinking potty training is on the horizon. She already has a potty, however, her big sis is better at taking her and trying than I am. I think SHE will be the one who will get the credit when the little one is potty trained. The little one is talking like a pro...every day she learns new things and remembers them....she is using her left hand predominantly too...

So there is my update on the girls.

This time a year gets hectic with school getting out, camp coming up, trips being planned etc....But i love's all part of being a mom!

Oh...another place to add to my TTT (which would make it FTT huh?)...I saw Mission Impossible 3 with my hubby (on a date!!! Saturday night) it they go to Italy...I realized I WANT TO GO THERE TOO!!!

My house is clean and most of the laundry is done. I'm watering the garden and getting ready to take off for a million (I think I said a bazillion actually) errands.


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