Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Catching Up and Falling Behind

I have over 200 new items on my bloglines.....

I am not going to just go through and clear them out....I am trying to read all of them.

I read a few and comment.....the next time I come back there is more.....

I've hardly been at my computer in the last week and a half. It's been nice actually....I've thought of a bazillion things to write and hopefully will write them for you all to read...one day.

I have read all of the comments I've gotten and I usually try to respond, HOWEVER, I feel if I respond to one I have to respond to them all....SO I haven't responded at all....BUT THANK YOU, TO ALL OF YOU!

Funny how I feel this obligation to a bunch of people I've never met in real life...but you guys ARE my friends! I never think about the fact that many of us have never met, or talked outside of our blogs. I think it's pretty awesome how the Lord has brought together all of us who would have never met otherwise...totally rocks!

So just know, if you've missed me...if you've noticed I haven't been "around" as much....I am probably swimming, or shopping, or watering the garden, or watching a movie, or going to the park or ATTEMPTING TO READ A BOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS.....all with my girls!! My oldest daughter has been spending more time with us recently....I LOVE IT! We have been having a totaly blast.

So far this has been the best summer in my recent memory....

Father's Day was AWESOME....my girls and I went to a really nice tobacco shop and got my husband 4 really good cigars...NOW...we give him a hard time about smoking them, but we know how much he enjoys one every once in awhile...My oldest was nearly squealing by the time he got to open them....she was so excited to see his reaction...he thought it was a joke and there would be candy cigars or something...

But to his delight....they were the real thing.

We had some delicious kabobs on the grill and some even MORE delicious homemade chocolate filled eclairs courtesy of my oldest daughter and my mom-in-law.

It was a great day.

My husband is the greatest father my two girls could ever have. He is so in love with his two girls. He would do anything for them and they know it! He is a Godly role-model and although he knows he's not perfect he strives day after day to learn more about the Lord so he can teach our girls not only with words but by his example...I praise the Lord for my husband and the father of my daughters!!!


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