Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Day

Mops was fun today. My baby had no intention of being in the nursery though. She was really upset, and I'm not talking mad...she was splotchy forehead, crying hyesterically...they came and got me and even after I had her in my arms she would just break out into tears. Not like her at all...I took her into the meeting with me and fed her some and she just cuddled on my lap. I think she was hungry and on top of that she had fallen asleep on the way there and I had to wake her up, so that in addition to new faces and a new place added up to a very unhappy little girl!

Naptime today...well, she cried again for about 50 minutes, slept for an hour then, well...she woke up due to some poopies in her diaper...I changed her and then nursed her a little and she slept another hour and a half.

Last night she only woke up 1 time! That's right...I was in my bed for all but 40 minutes last night!!! 4 full hours of sleep in a row! That's the first time in 11 months that I've gotten that many hours of consecutive sleep! She's asleep now. I'm going to bed right away hoping, and praying that tonite will be a repeat performance!

So, that was my regular old day.

3 days until my 29th! FYI................

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