Monday, December 05, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

I guess I'm not the only one. I've read a few of your blogs about not feeling like posting anything really lately.

I've posted a couple things but no real thought ornot really talking about what't going on here.

The baby has had an icky cold again (since last monday), she just got her 2nd Molars (before her first, go figure) and those were BEARS...i had one day where she seemed like she was over the teething thing for awhile (she's gotten 12 teeth in 10 months) but then her hand was back in her mouth and she was gnawing on it again, and following me around yelling wanting me to hold her. It's been a pretty draining week.

This is the last week of baby boot camp for this session but i'm going back next session, bound and determined that on the days i'm not there that i'll be here working out to my favorite, Denise Austin.

My brother-in-law and his wife came into town Saturday and Sunday from California. It was fun to see them again. We see them a couple times a year.

I decided to put my Christmas tree on the coffee table between the couch and the loveseat so the little one can't redecorate it. It actually looks really cool. I'll post a picture, cuz of course I took one.

So, I'm tired from the baby being up a lot last night. They say not to sleep train them when they are teething...but when is she not teething? You can tell that she's miserable though. When she starts crying and I go in her hand is just soaked and so is her sleeve. I can't let her cry it out if she's crying cuz she's hurting. Some nights she'll go back to sleep no problem right away. Last night, not a chance. I'm never gonna wean her from her night nursings. Day nursings are in the past, but night nursings are here to stay it looks like.

She's so precious.

Our 4 year wedding anniversary is on Thursday. I can't believe it.

My 29th birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks. I can't believe that either. I'm excited though. I'm glad to be getting older. I look foward to my future and I can't have my future without getting older so to me it's exciting to look back at how I've grown and changed and how my life has evolved. Plus, I think really you're only as young as you feel so the numbers mean nothing to me. In my head I'm still 22. I haven't changed much since High School. Just inside.

Thank the Lord for the Teletubbies. No kidding. They make my daughter so happy. I love to hear her giggle and laugh.

Wow, it feels good to type all this out. It's stuff that's been mulling around in my head cluttering it for days.

I'm very excited for Christmas. Not so much the actual day, but this whole season gives me such a feeling of hope and joy. The smell of cinnamon everywhere you go...people shopping for gifts everywhere. Although I know receiving gifts is not the Reason for the Season, I think giving gifts is a big part of it. Putting your own needs aside to bring joy to someone else. That was one of the things that Jesus wanted to teach us. This time of year I like to see people wrapped up in giving to others. The excitement of shopping for others. It really changes your shopping experience at my opinion. Do you know what I mean? Did that make sense?

I must go eat now before baby boot camp.

I'm sure the day will bring many things to share.

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