Thursday, December 08, 2005

Three Things Thursday - Happy 4th Anniversary Edition

4 years ago today I married the most wonderful man on earth, and as a bonus, I got the most wonderful daughter too (at the time she was 7)! I can honestly say that 4 years later we are closer and more in love than that day. We still hold hands all the time, we still cuddle, I still kiss him goodbye every morning, we still say "I love you" EVERYTIME we get off the phone and we still are looking for ways to make it even better!

He really and truly is my best friend, the love of my life, the one God had chosen for me before I was even born. I'm so grateful for my husband, my marraige and my girls. I don't remember what life was life before them...

So here is a TTT about my wedding.
(1) It was originally planned for June 2002 in our current hometown. But at the time I was in Tulsa, OK and he was here so the plan was for me to move here in December, get my own apartment, go to school, get a the end of October 2001 he called and said, "Let's just get married in Tulsa in December...." uh, I planned and pulled off my wedding in 7 weeks. I wouldn't have changed it for the world either. It was absolutely perfect.

(2) My Uncle Don is a Lutheran minister and performed the ceremony. His son and daughter (my cousins) each sang a song. They both have amazing voices. My cousin Jon sang The Lord's Prayer and my other cousin Kris (the one with the son a day younger than my baby) sang Ava Maria. To make it a total family affair, I wore my Aunt Dorothy's wedding dress that she had worn 44 years before at her wedding to my above mentioned Uncle Don! We took pictures before the actual wedding. I don't believe in bad luck and my Aunt Dorothy said that 44 years earlier, on her wedding day, she ran into Uncle Don before the wedding...and they're still married (48 years this year!)...

(3) My bridesmaid (my sis-in-law Cheryl) and my junior bridesmaids (my neice and my daughter) walked down the aisle to Pachabel's Cannon and my Big Brother Reist walked me down the aisle to Nocturne from A Midsummer's Night's Dream(not the traditional wedding march)...a song I had picked when I was in Elementary School as my wedding song, and I had actually written it at the top of the sheet music my mom had....all these years later she had that sheet music with my little handwriting on it and the organist played it for me! I didn't do anything the traditional way!!!

**BONUS** I can't just share 3 things. There's too much to share about my wedding.

I was 24 and my hubby had just turned 36...I turned 25 8 days later (hint hint...8 days until my 29th!)

My mom and I did all the shopping for decorations, flowers etc...we didn't hire anyone outside of our friends. The girl who did the photography was an assistant basketball coach at the University of Tulsa, and I knew her because my work study job was in their office. She was a photographer on the side. She only charged us for the film and developing! We had cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake, that way there was a choice of different flavors. Those were baked by the cook at the school where my mom worked. We made the bouquets and coursages (except my bouquet, I did go get that with fresh beautiful flowers, but boy was it heavy)....

I also have to other brother Cody and sis-in-law Kristina couldn't come because my Kristina was very, very sick and scheduled for surgery the Monday following my wedding...but she was still my bridesmaid from all the way across the country, and Cody would've shared in the honor of walking me down the aisle.

It was the most beautiful wedding. And my dream was always to have a Christmas wedding and I lucked out, the church where we had the wedding got their poinsettias a week early so they covered the front of the church.

There you have it...MY WEDDING!

Who would've thought 4 years later we'd have this little cracker jack too!

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