Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen....

The blonde has left the building!



UPDATE: I've posted a better picture of my new hair. I took about a trillion pictures and wasn't happy with any of them but this is the best one I guess. I have a weird fake smile that kinda makes my face look funny but oh well. I'm rarely happy with pictures of me but here it is.

I'm a Brunette now! Much closer to my natural color, only prettier. It's a reddish brown or brownish red....with some blonde highlights....I LOVE IT! Hooray!

Baby has decided to boycott naps, and I'm with her! She is only waking up 1-2 times per night and is sleeping about 10 hours per night. I know they say around 13 hours is good but they also say it varies depending on the kid...and this is how my kid is doing it. She looks sleepy, and will doze sometimes but she is in just as good a spirits at the end of the day as she is in the morning. And she goes a million miles per hour every minute of the day. She's going to sleep very easily at night with no fight and my nights are much better...THANKS!

It might have to do with our NEW BED! How much do I love it!

I can't wait until tomorrow so I can tell about the presents I got for everyone. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! This one is going to be great! I can't wait to see the faces as they open the presents....and, it doesn't hurt that I'm getting a DISHWASHER!!!!!!! THANK YOU BABY!

My oldest brother, my neice and my sis-in-law will be here on Thursday and so will my Uncle and Aunt. They will be here through the weekend and I'm SO EXCITED! I will post pictures.'s been a busy few days. I'm a last minute shopper but I'm done! I got exactly what I wanted for everybody. I don't mind the crowds and the traffic this time of year. It's fun to me...all part of the joy and excitement of the season.


It's the celebration of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR'S birth so


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