Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here he is in his mommy's arms. He is truly a miracle baby. I've told the story before but here is the condensed version in case you haven't heard. (or click here and here and here to read the full version)

My brother Cody and his wife April of 2003, after trying for 8 years, they were told they could not conceive a baby. They decided to adopt.
August 2003 - a baby is born and dropped off at a hospital and left in tiny town in Guatemala.
November 2003 - In a Guatemala orphanage they see her and it's love at first sight.
February 2004 - Kristina and Cody decide Kristina will stay in Guatemala as they wait for the adoption to finalize. This will give her the opportunity to be the foster mother to Mia Rene instead of having a stranger do it while they are thousands of miles away.
April 2005 - After what was suppose to be only a few months, Kristina returned to the United States with Mia Rene (now 20 months old) after she spent over a year in Guatemala.
June 2005 - Cody, Krissy and Mia come visit my mom and me (and my family) and break the news.....after 9 years she is pregnant....WHAT A MIRACLE...

Kristina goest through somewhere around 19 hours of excruciating labor....the baby wouldn't come out....with the help of forceps and a vacuum Carter Boaz Mummau arrives into this world! They have said that it is possible that Kristina's water broke up to 4 days before without her knowing, so that made the birth very very difficult.

Kristina and Cody are two of the strongest people and the best parents I know.

Praise the Lord for Miracles!

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