Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ok, So Here is An Update

Notice the life of the party in the background

So, yesterday I gave up and got the baby out of her crib.

At 7:00 Friday night we were finishing dinner, about to eat birthday cake (the tailend of my 12 year old's birthday celebrations) so my mom and my mom-in-law were here. The baby began dozing in her high chair...FIRST TIME EVER! She slept there while we ate cake and laughed and talked, then she woke up and I held her, then I put her on the floor in the living room (i stack up about 4 thick folded blankets so it is nice an comfy) she woke up twice the whole night...this is good.

Then Saturday, after I gave her a bath (with the assistance of my wonderful hubby), again, she was on the Living Room floor as I was covering her in vasoline (very VERY dry skin, lotion will burn) she began to doze and fell sound asleep right there, in a diaper and wrapped in a towel, so I left her...I covered her and she slept for 45 min.

Saturday evening my hubby took both girls so I could sleep (again, isn't he wonderful, I got to sleep for 3 hours straight!) and he ended up leaving the baby with my mom-in-law while he and the oldest attended a meeting for a Youth Ski Trip at church. When I called my mom-in-law at 7:45 she said the baby was dozing. My hubby and oldest picked her up at 930 and when they got home the baby was sound asleep in her sister's arms. She woke up a bit later and when I took her she fell back asleep in my arms. I put her in her crib where she slept for 4 hours!

She woke up around 1:15 (an hour and a half ago)...I nursed her and she fell deep into sleep. When I went to put her down she began to cry again and I figured I'd let her. After 15 min I went in and spent about an hour, not picking her up but just singing and then laying her down OVER AND OVER, much to her objections, but I just sang and kissed and hugged, but didn't pick her up. Finally, I told her I had to go night-night and left....oh the lungs that child has....she screamed and screamed....for 8 there is silence. (She is in her crib, hooray)

I came to the living room because when she is crying I am really restless, but it has been 15 minutes so far. I just heard her make a noise but I think she's still sleeping. I will go back to bed in a few minutes when I'm absolutely sure she is sound asleep. I hate going in and out of sleep.

Oh goodness...she is in there chattering...silly baby. It's 3am!

Oh well, I think I won this battle...pray for the next one!

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