Monday, February 13, 2006

When to Start...

Can you believe that on Friday my little baby will be 18 months!?!?! I sure can't!
So here's the questions....
When did you guys start potty training and how successful was it?
I know boys are way different than girls. From most moms of boys they are potty trained most successfully around 3 or a little earlier!
When did you guys decide to switch to a big girl/boy bed? This child is getting so tall and is now attempting to climb out and our pediatrician said that is the sign that it might be time. But what if she wakes up in the middle of the night. I don't know that she would come to our room...I worry about her getting into things, even in her room, if left unattended long enough. My main concern are the plugs in her room that have things plugged in. We have a toy chest in front of one and a small wife bookshelf thingy in front of the other but she can move it. I guess the solution is to come up with a better solution huh? Do I shut her door or should I leave it open....a gate? We have to walk right by her room on our squeaky floors to go to the bathroom so if I put a baby gate on it she might start waking up when we have to go by....
HELP! What would you guys do?
THANKS!!!!!!!! I'm glad you guys like my new look.

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