Friday, February 17, 2006

Three Things Thursday - Late Edition...

Better late than never right? e-hem....I always think I'm gonna do my TTT in the evening and then the evening comes and goes and then it's the next morning....funny how that happens.


(1) I find it hard, nearly impossible, to resist the urge to see try and figure out what is happening when I see police/ambulance/fire trucks. If it's an accident, if they are at a house I happen to be driving by, if they are at a doesn't matter....I'll drive by several times if I can. I'm obsessed with solving EVERYTHING! Usually, however, around here it's a drunk who's fallen face first on the sidewalk or a meth lab getting busted...

(2) My hubby calls me detective Stephanie and jokes with me about the police detectives needing to consult with me.

(3) If I hadn't met my hubby and gotten married I would've probably become a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office....I'm fascinated by what makes crimanals commit their offenses. If I wasn't a scaredy (sp?) cat I would've absolutely been a police officer or maybe even pursued being a criminal profiler for the FBI.

I think I have the best job on earth now. Daily I have my own mysteries to solve....what's that smell? who left this out? who put this here? didn't I JUST clean this room????

I love my life!

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