Friday, November 18, 2005

The Big Day

Ok you guys, tonite is the party. I love throwing parties but the day of I don't really stress, I just get really busy and focused. My mom made a tape of the Teletubbies (we don't have TV, we just watch tapes my mom does for us of HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Discovery Home etc...) I know it might be a little wierd but it works for us. baby has discovered and come to love those cute little Teletubbies!

Luckily mom just dropped off a tape full of them so today I will park the baby (please no one yell, it's just for today) in front of the TV with that tape in and hopefully I can get everything done. Usually I have the help of my mom and my oldest daughter but since this is a weekday it's all me, by myself!

I'm not really stressed, I just have a ton to do to get the house ready and the food ready and I have to go to the store....i know I can do it, i just need to get started. I have a list....somewhere...hmmmmmm....It's on this mess of a desk I have. Something I always wonder...I'm a SAHM. No outside job requiring paperwork, so what is this stuff that keeps getting piled on my desk? I can never quite figure it out.

Oh well, ok, here I go. Pray I have a calm mind today and I don't allow myself to get crazy.

Thanks you guyS!

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