Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What am I doing???

Please check out my post from yesterday if you have ideas on quick easy meals or meals that can be prepared ahead of time. And also if you have idea of free or inexpensive things to do with a 15 month old at home or out on the town...

Ok, I just realized today that I had both Haloscan comments and Blogger comments turned I have turned off blogger comments in order to use only Haloscan, although I don't know exactly why I'm using Haloscan. I saw it on other blogs so I thought I'd try it. I was reading my Blogger comments and didn't even realize I had Haloscan comments until this morning! And I don't know how trackback works....

Also, Feedburner...really don't know how it works. I understand bloglines because it's just bloglines, but I guess through Feedburner you can subscribe using one of many different subscription sites....again, I saw it on other sites so I went and got my little pretty "chicklet" and put it on here. Sad to say there is a big fat zero in there.

I do know how my guestmap works (see right side of blog)...I like that and have a few faces on there...check it out.

Today must be the deadline for all the trees to get rid of their leaves. I can hear them hitting the roof, it sounds like rain. My truck is COVERED with them...I will take some pictures and attach's crazy. They are just falling and falling and falling...Kinda cool, except my poor doggy Chula is freaking out...she's not sure what's going on.

Last night wasn't so good. This time I think it was mainly my fault. We have a new heater in the baby's room. Last night she woke up and was really fussy so I gave her some cold medicine and let her walk around her room for a few minutes. She hit the power button on the heater without me realizing it (I told her no-no but didn't realize she had turned it off)...So, the main house heater was turned down to 60 because our gas bill was literally 5 times what it had been! Well, at 3:30 she woke up crying and I went in and it was 60 degrees in her room! SO....I realized the heater was off and I turned it on and wrapped her in a blanket and I turned on the fan we use for white noise, which can also be used as a heater. I thought if I had two going it would warm up quickly....i blew the fuse in her room....I had to wake up my hubby to go fix it. I turned the other heater back on to what I thought was 70 (it was dark, I was going by instinct..ha ha)...I fell asleep in the chair nursing her and an hour later I woke up and it was 89 stinking degrees!!!! I had to put her down, turn on the light only to realize I had turned the heater on max/high....OH MY WORD!!! So I fixed that, nursed her some more but poor thing, she was so this time it was 5:15 and I was in tears. But we're alright now. We made it through. I can't say much for our night. Today is her 15 month appointment, so yet again..I will miss Baby Boot Camp. This makes twice, but lukily they have a week at the end for make up days.

I'm gonna go take some pictures of these leaves and my dogs and I'll post them in a little bit.

On another note. I heard this beautiful song by Nicole Nordeman the other day. It address people who don't believe in Jesus. I just think it's an awesome song and so beautiful. Here are the words.

What If
Nichole Nordeman

What if you're right?
And he was just another nice guy
What if you're right?
What if it's true?
They say the cross will only make a fool of you
And what if it's true?

What if he takes his place in history
With all the prophets and the kings
Who taught us love and came in peace
But then the story ends
What then?

But what if you're wrong?
What if there's more?
What if there's hope you never dreamed of hoping for?
What if you jump?
And just close your eyes?
What if the arms that catch you, catch you by surprise?
What if He's more than enough?
What if it's love?

What if you dig
Way down deeper than your simple-minded friends
What if you dig?
What if you find
A thousand more unanswered questions down inside
That's all you find?

What if you pick apart the logic
And begin to poke the holes
What if the crown of thorns is no more
Than folklore that must be told and retold?

You've been running as fast as you can
You've been looking for a place you can land for so long
But what if you're wrong?

I'll post my pics soon!

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