Thursday, November 10, 2005

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My head hurts to bad to be creative. My right sinus hurts so terribly bad I can't stand it. I'm a bit sleepy due to my body fighting this cold and chasing after a very energetic and still a bit sick and fussy 1 year old. I've also been trying to get my house cleaned, and it pretty much is. Thanks to my mom, who took the day off to get some stuff done. She's helped me get my house in order. It's nice to have her close. When my baby was sick things got a bit messy and just was she started getting over it I GOT SICK...ugh...will the cycle ever end.

I made a really yummy Chicken Stew last night for dinner. It was suppose to have dumplings but I used whole wheat flour and they didn't really turn out...BUT, I think using the flour thickened up the broth and yum, was really a hit!

Tomorrow is Friday.

My mom is pretty stoked...a month or so ago she went to North Carolina to see my brother and help him with a concert they were having at his church....a farewell concert for Petra....well, one of the bands there was Farewell June and they have put her picture as well as a picture of my brother on their site. Check out the photo gallery's second page toward the middle. My mom is referred to as "Momma Mummau" and my brother is the YP at Brookwood Church. There is also pictures on John Schlitt's website, who is the lead singer for Petra and has been since 1986. The picture is under Photo Gallery, Burlington NC and it's the last on of the set.

Anyway, I just had to share that.

Also, while I'm at it...check out my brother's website if you haven't already. And here is a link to the website about the adoption of their daughter, my little niece Mia. It is a touching and miraculous story.

And so, I'm sitting here and I should go to sleep so I think I will. I'm praying the little one sleeps well tonite.

Good Night!

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