Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So much to do.....

...but I won't say so little time because God has given me a whole day. It's what I do with it that matters.

My house has become a disaster zone over the last few days. Remember, I have no dishwasher so with a sick, sad, baby who just wants mommy, it's hard to stand there and wash dishes SO...I think every one of our drinking glasses and cups are dirty, most of the silverware and a bunch of other things. That is my biggest goal for the day. The rest is just cleaning up the house so I can begin again to re-organize and get it the way I want it.

So today, that is what I will be doing all day. Cleaning cleaning....I know I can get it all done.

I'm not doing baby boot camp today. My baby girl has an icky cough today and a runny nose (like a faucet, it just WON'T STOP!) I think she's content enough today to play while I clean. We shall see as the day goes on.

I will post again soon, I'm sure I'll need a break from cleaning!

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Leslie said...

it is a slow day here as well. but at least our dishwasher works!