Friday, November 04, 2005

Weighed and Measured...

Today my Baby Boot Camp instructor has given us the chance to do a little assessment testing type stuff to give ourselves a baseline to compare with once these 6 weeks are up. 30 min I will leave to go and have an endurance test, a strength test, have my body fat measured, have myself weighed and have a picture taken...and more I'm sure that I've blocked out of my mind.

Actually, I'm a bit excited. I worked out about 10 years pretty intensly and I actually had my body fat down to 14.5%. I'm guessing it's quite a bit higher now but I love knowing where I'm at and setting goals and seeing how close I can get to them so things like this always interest me.

I will let you guys know my results and then in 6 weeks I'll tell you how I compare.

I won't let these numbers get me down because I really think I look pretty good for having a baby 15 months ago (almost), considering I haven't worked out until now. It can only get better and whatever the numbers are today will just be incentive to work hard.

Ok, now that I've convinced myself, I'm gonna go do the dishes before I go. Who am I kidding? It will take me then next 30 min to finish getting ready and getting the baby ready...oh well, they'll be here when I get home I'm sure.

Here's a picture of my girls from this morning. The baby was so cute sitting on her sister's lap. She wouldn't move. She was just chillin!


Gwen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will definitely be back by yours! I am like you and enjoy reading other moms blogs! It is so refreshing to see others dealing with daily issues us moms deal with! Have fun on your marriage enrichment thingy! That sounds wonderful! oh..I love the picture of your daughters on the couch together. It's moments like that that make our hearts melt!

Stephanie said...

These two always make my heart melt. They are the true definition of sisterhood! The little one absolutely adores her big sis and follows her is just so precious.