Thursday, November 17, 2005

Three Things Thursday

This is my first time participating in Three Things Thursday. This was started by Sheila and I've seen in on several other sites so I'm joining in.

1. I love the smell and taste of cinnamon. I think it is one of the greatest smells God put on earth. I put so many of those cinnamon pine cones in my house that my hubby asked me to get rid of some because it was making him nauseous. And I was thinking I needed more!

2. I love having parties. For my daughter's 1st birthday I invited about 100 people and 65 actually came. They were all people close to us. Family and close friends. For my other daughter's birthday I go all out with the cake and decorations and invitations. I'm already planning her birthday in my head and it's not until January. Tomorrow I'm having one for my hubby's birthday. I just love it!

3. I have to be able to cross my big toe and the next one in my shoes or I feel claustrophobic. I will not wear shoes a second time if I can't do this. It makes me almost as crazy as if I were in a tight space myself (I am claustrophobic big time)...If I'm sitting in church and all of a sudden I realize I can't cross my toes I start to stress out...

So there you go. Three facts you didn't really need to know about me...but now you know!

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