Saturday, November 26, 2005


I'm attempting to add a blogroll to the sidebar of my blog. It will take some time for me to add everybody as there is about 25 blogs I read regularly.

I'm not exactly sure what the main purpose of blogrolls are because there are a lot of options I haven't checked out but currently I'm using it to create the list on my site.

This is for you Ann.
(1)Go to I just went there, set up an account.
(2)I added links by clicking on "Add Links" (again, I've only just begun), one after the other.
(3)Then I clicked on "Get Code" and copied the code
(4)I went to my blogger template and added them in the same area that you find "edit me" in your template. This is the "links" section.
(5)I pasted the code I copied from after the links and I copied the HTML code used for the title of the links section. Put this before the pasted link you're putting in.
(6)Then I saved changes and republished.

Does that makes sense. If anyone has another way, an easier way or can explain it better please feel free.

Anyway. Thanksgiving was great. I miss hosting it because I like having all the leftovers at my house! We are already out of gravy, green beans, stuffing...hmmm...that sure would be yummy right now. Oh well.

Gotta run. Baby is asleep and the house is clean! PRAISE THE LORD!

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