Thursday, November 24, 2005


I have been reminded lately of how much I really have to be grateful for. In the midst of this holiday season there are several things that have happened that will change some peoples lives forever that have really stuck with me as a reminder that what I call my "problems" would be joys for these people. The family in Pennsylvania who have to face Thanksgiving, Christmas and the rest of their lives without their parents...a young man at the school my oldest daughter attends took his own life last week and the funeral was yesterday in the school gym. As I was sitting waiting to pick up my beautiful, happy daughter and thinking about the pies I was gonna make today, they had to ask me to move so the hearse could pull up. After I began to move and repark I began to cry thinking of the pain this poor kid's parents and friends were feeling at the same time I was anticipating the joy and fun of today. And, the neighbors of my friend Rebekah who's home caught on fire the other day. Thank the Lord that they have wonderful friends and a wonderful church family to help them through, and Praise the Lord that no one was injured.

I'm not trying to put a damper on your Thanksgiving or bum you out. I know that all of these things can be worked together for the Glory of God...They have just been on my heart as a reminder of how good God is to me and how I find myself complaining and being upset or irritated over small things and really, I have NOTHING to complain about.

(1) My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A wonderful, patient God who loves me through my imperfections and saved me from myself and my sins by putting Himself in my place. What a wonderful friend He is.

(2) An awesome, handsome, patient, loving, very funny, husband, who has loved me through some hard times and supports and encourages me and dreams with me. He works hard to give us everything we have and so I can stay at home with the girls. He always tries to make me laugh when I'm down and I'm so proud of him. He's honest and always wants to learn new things. He is my perfect match, my best friend.

(3) 2 beautiful, smart girls who bring me joy everyday. Who teach me about life and unconditional love on a daily basis. They make me laugh (and occasionally cry!) and they make me a mom...what could be better.

(4) My mom living right down the road in a town we never thought we'd live in, and we can't imagine living anywhere else. Someone to bake with, go to Whataburger with, go grocery shopping with. Someone to do my dishes and fold my laundry when I just can seem to get them done.

(5) My brothers. Silly, goofy, overprotective, teasing, wonderful Godly brothers. They have been there through my crazy life and never given up on me.

(6) My sis-in-laws. More like my sisters. They too have never given up on me and they've been there for me, never treating me like I'm anything less than a real sister. They couldn't be better sisters even if my mom had given birth to them. And they've brought into my life my 2 beautiful, hysterically funny neices. They really are 2 jewels that God blessed my life with.

(7) My husband's family. They took me in like I'd always been a part of them. They have been supportive and fun and come to all my parties!

(8) My blogging friends. I have found so many people who I've come to care about and pray for, who are also praying for me. What an awesome tool the internet can be to connect with people we would've never met or known otherwise.


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