Thursday, November 24, 2005

Three Things Thursday

Ok Ok...everybody else is doing it so I've gotta get mine in. I'll try to tie it all to Thanksgiving but I don't know...we'll see...

(1) I don't know when it began but I have had chocolate in some form every day that I can remember. Today (THANKSGIVING) I have already had a huge glass of chocolate milk.

(2) I love pumpkin pie. I have never had a pumpkin pie I didn't like. Never too spicy, never too me they are all delicious. Whipped cream is good on it but sometimes I just want it plain.

(3) I think I love leftovers more than I like the actual Thanksgiving dinner. I love Turkey sandwiches with gravy and mashed potatoes and stuffing after it's sat and then you reheat it. YUM YUM....

Ok, there you go.


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