Thursday, November 17, 2005

Big Girl

Ok, here are the stats on my baby girl
15 Months Old (today by the way)
25lb 9oz
31 inches (doc said she's probably longer but wouldn't stay real still for measuring)
She's actually evening out now. She grew in leaps and bounds for her first 12 months. Now, in 3 months she's only gained 1lb 5oz....thank the Lord!

This is how her first 15 months have gone...
Birth 7lb 14.5oz
1 week 8lb 4 oz
2weeks 9lb 11oz
2 months 13lb 10oz
4 months 18lb 6oz
6 months 20lb 3oz
9 months 23lb 5oz
12 months 24lb 4oz
15 months 25lb 9oz

Someone at church said I must make cream! I guess it's in our genes. My brothers and me were all really big (I was the smallest of the 3 at birth at 9lb 6oz...both my bros weighed in at 11lb!) My cousin's son is a day younger than my baby and he's even bigger than she is!

She has at least 11 teeth but it's too painful to keep my finger in there too long to count. The doctor said she had several molars coming in and NO WONDER she's up a million times a night right now.

Last night was actually really good. She slept 4 hours 12min, woke up and nursed, then slept 3 hours 20min, woke up nursed then 25 min...just enough time this morning for me to shower and get dressed.

She is napping now. She went down an hour later than normal because we went to lunch with mom.

I need to go get all the loose ends for this "surprise" party wrapped up. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

My hubby is 40...who would've thunk it! You don't look (or act) a day over 29! :-D
I love you baby! Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Well, here I go.

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