Monday, October 31, 2005


No, it's not my birthday (yet! a month and half still left)....It's Baby Boot Camp day! I begin today on a 6 week workout plan. I will go Mondays and Wednesdays and on the other days I will workout with Denise Austin from the tapes my mom has made for me of her workouts. Today I am 145 lbs. I want to be 130-135. I have no doubt that by 6 weeks from Wednesday (my last day of bootcamp) I will have reached my goal.

I'm also embarking on my organizing adventure today. My mom and I went shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of things to help me organize my home. I'm also taking some tips I've heard on several blogs and a tv cooking show and I'm pre-making a bunch of dinners on the weekend and then using them during the week. I still have to sit down and plan my meals but I will do it.

I'm just so excited!

Today I get to make my oldest daughter's costume which I'm very excited about. I got pink tulle to put under her skirt to look like a petticoat type thing that they wore in the fifties.

Anyway, I have to be there in an hour and Lord knows it will take me that long to finish getting ready and get the little one ready.

I'll write when I get back between organizing, making my daughter's costume, doing the everyday cleaning and hyperventilating! But I really feel good about all of this!

I'm posting a pic of the baby from the other day. Her hair looks SO LONG and she looks like such a little girl, I can't believe it. She was in one of our desk chairs and daddy and I were pushing her back and forth between us. She thought it as great fun....I think she's gonna love amusement park rides! HOORAY!


Leslie said...

Hey! I just started a boot camp at the gym I go to. We took measurements and did some assessment testing today. But it was still a workout. I'll be excited to here how yours goes.

Stephanie said...

Man, they kicked my booty today! I thought I was in pretty good shape except a little extra in the belly and on my hips, but holy cow! I'm in alright shape but not like I thought I was.

They are taking mearurements and the other testing on Friday. I'm so excited.

ABQ Mom said...

Hey what gym is this at? It sounds like something I want to get started in. By the way I am so totally jealous of your daughters hair! I had hoped and prayed that my daughter would get my thick (although fine) dark black hair. No such luck!

Stephanie said...

Ours is actually not at a gym. Click on locations at the top of and select NM then the only selection is Albuquerque. The regular classes are all full right now but there is a waiting list, and an express class at Taylor Ranch. Sessions are 6 weeks and this one started today so in 6 weeks another one will start.

It really is intense but I feel so good (a little like jelly) that I'm doing it.

My daughter didn't start getting her hair until around 10 months but now it's really come in. It's just like her sisters only lighter. These pictures really surprised me when I pulled them off the camera cuz I don't remember thinking she looked like that on that day.

It's crazy how they change in front of your eyes.

The Moose said...

Baby Bootcamp! I thought that was for my little neice or something. Well I'm really with it.

Julia said...

A tulle petticoat, only a mum can do that, all that gathering and cutting out those long strips. Love to see a photo when it's done. You don't look like you need to lose weight but good luck with the boot camp.

Stephanie said...

The tulle petticoat I'm doing completely using my imagination, a glue gun, a regular slip and some's pretty much done and I think it will look great. I'll take pictures and share them with you guys.

About my weight..well, thank the Lord I only have 10-15 pounds to lose. I gained 60 when I was pregnant. I was a staggering 195 and I'm only 5'4" tall. I'm back to about 145 and I really just want to lose the extra weight around my belly and on my hips/bottom area. I'll keep you all updated on that too!

Robin said...

I know you will reach your goal! I'll be here with my twinkies cheering you on. Just kidding. I have actually lost 5 lbs since I gave up regular Dr Pepper and boot camp is much harder!

Stephanie said...

Robin, thank you for your I'm working my booty off, sweating like a pig and crying from the pain I will be thinking of you and your twinkies, and my days eating entire bags of chocolate. Oh well. You can't have it all I guess.

My oldest brother (not the one that commented above) cut down drinking Coke. He had been drinking more than a 12 pack a day, I think he said like 19...which is outrageous as it is...but he cut it down to like 4 and in one month I think he said he lost like 20 lbs!!! That's amazing.