Friday, October 07, 2005

Cold again!?!?!

When I first got on the computer this morning it said it was 52 was 630am....why is it 848am now and it's 50 degrees? I'm sorry for complaining...I know I know, it's God that is in control of the weather...It's so hard for me to get use to the weather changing to cold from the beautiful hot weather.

A little bit ago while I was on the computer my little one walked up to me and said something twice and I didn't look down at first and then I realized she was talking to me....she was handing me a little piece of something off the floor and saying thank you....Everytime she gives us something we always say "thank you", and every time we give her something she says "thank you" (more like "taa daa") but I realized 2 days ago that every time she gives us something she says "thank you" too...So there she was saying "taa daa", "taa daa" holding a little piece of napkin up for me to cute is that!

Right now we are eating our sausage and chocolate milk breakfast. Yummy.

Today my oldest only has a half day...hooray...she gets out at 1130! They didn't win the volleyball game last night so the season is over for them. On to other things...Gaidojutsu for example...there is a guy here in town that teaches this form of martial art. My oldest had taken karate for a few years but we stopped a while back. Now my hubby wants to get back into it at this place which is cool with me. This guys wife teaches a women's self defense class so my oldest and me will be taking that starting next month...then in January she wants to start at the cheerleading school here (yes they have cheerleading schools) so she can try out for cheerleading at the end of the school year. She's so excited. I, on the other hand, need to exercise more (duh) to get in shape a littel before I embark on this new journey of martial arts. I think it will be fun but I need to be in better shape or I think I might end up in a lot of pain!

So many reason to exercise, so few excuses not to...and yet...

Well, I think it's like day 4 of no dirty dishes no dirty clothes...who am I and what have I done with myself? My house is so clean and I've been keeping up with it really well. I think it's just easier now, as the baby has gotten older, to get things done...I don't know, maybe I've just run out of excuses for myself and I'm tired of disappointing myself. I would go through stages of having a really good housecleaning day and then 3-4 days of feeling like I couldn't keep up and I'd just give up basically....not anymore...I'm doing so awesome and it makes it easier to keep doing it everyday...which brings me back to exercise...i've got plenty of time, I should just go do it now.

Ok, that's my plan...if I do it today and tomorrow and Sunday...that will be 5 times this week so all is not lost and then starting monday I will just keep doing it.

My brother's church hosted Petra last night on their farewell tour. My brother is the Youth Pastor there and MC'd the mom was there for it too. When I was a kid my other brother loved Petra and my mom hated them, she didn't want him to listen to them...then she got ahold of the lyrics and realized that they really were a good influence. Now, of all things, my mom was hanging out with them most of the day yesterday and after the concert last night. isn't it funny how life works out. She got to tell them that story too.

My daughter (the 13 month old) has managed to get up on the couch and she is rolling around like a maniac...that's my cue to go for now....


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