Tuesday, October 04, 2005


When your 1 year old I guess naptimes are just pure evil. Her first nap she went down without a fight. This nap however, is a whole different story. I nursed her and she fell asleep, I carried her in and she woke up as I laid her down. We sat down and read and then I picked her up and rocked her and sang and again, sleep....I laid her down 16 min ago and have heard nothing but yelling and yelling since.

We both know she's tired even if she wants to pretend she's not. And we both know that if she doesn't sleep now she'll be exhausted by bedtime which makes for a very unhappy little girl. But she insists on yelling at me. She keeps teasing me...she'll be quiet for like 20 seconds, which doesn' sound like a long time but in this situations it really gets me thinking she's fallen asleep.

3 out of 4 times she doesn't cry but the times she does I hate I hate I hate....Oh yeah, I exercised! Good for me...do you know that Denise Austin is 48 years old! My word woman! She looks awesome! My mom taped her one morning for me and that's what I've been working out to. I took a picture of myself yesterday in workout clothes so I could see my body change as I lose weight. I've realized that I look pretty good from the side but when i look at myself from the front I have excess stuff hanging out every which way....Not for long....I'm gonna do this. I've been the most inconsistant person on earth but I'm planning on changing that. I will do this and I'll be so happy. We're at 20 min of crying and apparently the airport is directing flights over our house AGAIN....Loud 747's flying low, preparing to land...not a recipe for a happy, napping baby....we must be lined up perfectly for the "cloudy windy day" runway....we are less than 10 miles from the airport so they are pretty low by the time they are above us.



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