Thursday, October 20, 2005

This is funny.

I'm tired. This is funny. I saw this on someone else's blog but now I can't figure out where, but i found it on the internet. Check it out.

Didn't get much sleep. I'm praying the baby just conks out here soon. That medicine really messed up her sleeping. She slept from 830-12:00, then 2-530. She's tired but I think the medicine has to wear off a little more so i'm just letting her play until I see she's ready to sleep. I know I'm ready!

I just pray I can get the house straightened up today to where I feel good about it. Yesterday she wanted to be held most of the day and was fussy so I didn't get much done. My mom came and helped me last night. She did my dishes while I helped my oldest daughter with her math.

Gonna go...I know today will be good no matter what.


Addie said...

That link is awesome! Thanks for the smile today. My kids and I had a blast dancing with that guy!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Addie, I can't not laugh when I see it. I'm always looking for a good laugh! Thanks for visiting and commenting.