Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm sorry honey, I can't hear you over the silence!

Tonight, 2 1/2 min of crying after our new routine. Now, she's silent. 20 min of silence to be exact. (Why am I not in bed by now?) I haven't exactly done everything I planned in the rountine but I have extended our little four stories 2 songs to 35 minutes of calming activities. Soon to be 1 hour of calming activities if I ever get my act together. So there is the beginning of our sleep through the night plan....

BIG PLANS...Ok, #1...My hair is naturally a dirty blonde, light brown, nobody ever really knows what to say my hair color is except I think it's BORING! SO...I died it blonde back in like April for my hubby's sake. He's been begging me for 5 years and I used to dye it all the time so I finally gave in. WELL...in Nov or Dec I am going to go have it dyed close to my natural color only maybe a richer brown with some highlights and lowlights. This is a color it's never been and I'm so excited I made this decision. I just had to share. I can't wait

#2...I had planned to finish my degree as fast as I can and when babyhead goes into pre-k I'd start teaching at the high school. Well, I decided to wait until babyhead is in the 1st grade so I won't have to do the daycare thing with her. That gives me what, 5 years? I only have like 40 hours left but now I won't have to take full loads. I love it when these things just come to you and all of a sudden a huge weight is off your shoulder. (I don't believe any thing just comes to you...I believe it was an answer to my prayer for God to help me understand His perfect will for my life) Anyway, HOORAY on all counts.

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