Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wonderful Day

Good morning....this morning so far, everything is pretty much done as far as the house. It's so weird how I'm keeping up finally. My challenge today is getting out of the house. I find it much easier to stay at home and do everything from here...however, Wal-Mart doesn't come to me so I must go there. It's like my second home anyways so it isn't that bad.

I must clean off my desk today. That will make me feel better. Now that I'm miraculously on top of my daily cleaning I want to take on other things. I want to unclutter my house. I had clutter but I somehow always end up with it. We'll start with my desk and go from there. How fun.

Baby is doing well this morning. She's watching Baby Shakespeare and eating bananas. She's already eaten about 2 sausage patties.

The "handy women" are coming today. Our landlord hired this company to do some work on the house, they are women which i find cool. They should be here soon, and then I will take off for Wally World. Unless, of course, it's my daughter's naptime, then we shall wait until after that. I'm flexible.

My goals today desk, exercise, Bible study, walmart.....I know I can do it.

Hmmm...nothing much else going on this morning. I will share my Bible study after I do it.

Until then.....

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