Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good Morning

It's very cloudy this morning. I love it when it's cloudy. I have a huge list of things to do today, I'll be happy with half of them getting done by dinner time. My baby is completely non-matching this morning. Hot pink pants, red sweatshirt, two different color socks and a blue ponytail holder holding her sprout up in the front. She looks adorable. My hubby went to go pick up our oldest from her other mom's house and take her to school. I guess she's feeling better this morning. She still was a little ucky when she left last night.

My little one is happily drinking her chocolate milk right now and watching Baby MacDonald (a baby einstein video). She loves this one.

I guess I better get started on my list. I'm so hungry. I have to eat first but there are so many dirty dishes I just don't feel like doing anything in that kitchen. We a renting a house right now and it is an old house with no dishwasher and the dishes just get so piled up. I would do them when the baby is napping but the hot water pipe literally rattles the entire house when you use the hot water and it will wake up the baby. I'm gonna try to get them done before her nap...that's my goal...I always get so caught up in my mental blocks that I sometimes get nothing done and I HATE IT...like, I know the baby will come in the kitchen with my while I wash dishes and she'll get into everything and I won't be able to get the dishes done. I know I just need to do it and take it as it goes...do a little here and there and they will all get done.

Ok, I'm going to eat, and then I'm going to start the dishes and get what I can done.

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