Monday, October 17, 2005

Boo Hoo, Weekend is Over

This was a fun weekend. I guess they all are. Friday night my oldest daughter and my mom went to see the Wallace and Grommit movie. THEY LOVED IT...they said it was hilarious. Saturday I was so excited because my oldest decided she wanted to start at the cheerleading school here because she wants to try out for cheerleading for next year. I love cheerleading. I cheered 1 year in middle school and 1 year in high school. I would've done it more but at the time, in high school, I just didn't want to commit to the time it took. She had so much fun on Saturday, it was great.

On Saturday, we also went over to the storage garage where we have some of our stuff kept. It's actually the garage at the rental duplex my mom-in-law owns. Our stuff has been there since March of '04, when we moved out of our apartment into my mom-in-law's house. We moved into this house this past March and got most of our stuff out of the garage but there was some stuff still in there. I found my big Rubbermaid container with all of my yearbooks and photos. I love pictures. For Christmas '03 my mom-in-law gave me a digital camera and I now have about 6000 pictures on my computer. I LOVE PICTURES....this tupperware tub was from before the digital camera so I bet there is a couple hundred pictures in there plus old photo albums. I'm so excited.

Yesterday we went to church. I love going to church. Our church has services on Sunday and Wednesday so we go twice a week. It's so a respite from the hectic week and it helps my get my focus back on God and off of myself and the hectic pace of life. We are studying the letters to the churches in Revelation and this weeks church was Thyatira (sp)....Our pastor talked about how they were making idols of other things and not focusing on their real and direct relationship with God. They focused on works too. It was a really good message.

After church we went out to eat. It was me, my hubby, our two girls and our moms. My mom goes to the same church as us and his mom comes to church with us sometimes too. Then, our oldest and I practiced cartwheels in the front yard. I'm trying to help her be the best she can be and she's such a hard worker, I think she'll be great.

So then she had to go to her other mom's so my hubby took her. She doesn't have school today, she was really excited. Last night my hubby and I rented The Interpreter with Nicole was really good. Only one thing I found objectionable and it lasted all of like 4 seconds. The movie overall was really good if you like suspense and drama.

Well, since our oldest doesn't have schoo that means my hubby doesn't have to take her. It's 750 and he's still in bed. Baby girl woke up at 7:00. I think her and I are hungry so I'm going to make breakfast for us.

I'll write again later today I'm sure.

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