Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why oh why oh why oh why

My poor baby. I know she doesn't feel good. She didn't go back to sleep until she's awake again...she woke up right at 12:00. Now I don't know if she's just being spoiled or if she doesn't feel good. I gave her Ibuprofen Cold (no antihistimine this time) so I would think if anything were hurting or bothering her that would take care of it.

I just don't know what to do. I'm so exhausted. I'm going on hardly any sleep from last night and now there are airplanes flying over our house every 5 minutes making tons of noise. I guess I'll go get her and bring her out here and nurse her and let her sleep in my arms....this is where we got into trouble the last time. she had just begun to fall asleep and stay asleep well and then she got sick and used to being nursed and held....oh well, i guess it's my calling to teach her the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER huh? It's been 10 min of her crying. I said I'd wait 20. She gets quiet every once in awhile, no doubt sleeping while she's standing...but the silence only last about 30-40 seconds and then she realizes she fell asleep and gets really mad.

Oh, my poor little I wish you could speak what you're feeling so I could better know what I should do.

My throught is beginning to be sore so if I'm getting what she's getting maybe she has a sore throat (oh my word, the first time I actually spelled that "throught"). Who knows, who knows.

Here I go to get her, my little one....I hope this passes quickly. I hate seeing her like this.

Until later

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