Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What was that again???

Here is a list of words my baby girl can say or understands now. She will be 14 months on the 17th of October.
She can say:
Daddy = Daddy
Nigh Nigh = Night Night or Good Night
Na Na = No NO
Sairrrrr = Sara (our poodle)
Diya = Her sister's nickname
Tee Toe or anything similar = Thank you
Hi-yee = Hi
GG = GG also known as Gram Gram (my mom)
bah = ball
dow = down
shhhh = shhhhh
doe = nose
ticka ticka = tickle tickle
uh oh ______(unpronouncable word) = uh oh spaghetti o's
duh - all done

She understands:
get down
lay down
sit down
where's your chocolate milk
blow kisses
say bye bye
Come here
Smile for mommy(usually for pictures)
Not mommy's phone
Not mommy's glasses
where's ___________(anybody...chula our german shepherd, sara, her sister, me, daddy, gg...)
Time to change your diaper
Time to go night night
Where's your belly
How old are you?
Tickle Tickle
Be gentle

I'm writing all this down because lately she's blown me away with how much she understands and responds to me. I want to remember all of this because it's all happening so fast.

I'm sure there is more but for now this is what i can think of.

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