Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Mom's Facts of Life

No matter how much you vacuum and sweep, there will be cheerio's in every corner and under every peice of furniture for the rest of your life.

One morning out of a hundered, she will want to wake up at 5:30.

So here we are. Me on the computer, her in her fuzzy chair with a blanket over her lap and her doll in her arms watching Baby Monet. I know she's sleepy, you can see it...but this morning she just wanted to talk to me and point at everything in her room. So I decided to just make it morning. Meanwhile, my hubby is in our nice warm bed, under the covers, snoozing away (only for another 10 minutes, but still).

Today will definitely be a nap day for me. I bet she's out again by 8:30am (or I guess I should say..PLEASE GOD, LET HER BE OUT AGAIN BY 8:30am!)

My hubby just left to get our oldest and take her to school. Today she's back home with us...HOORAY!

The baby is becoming a little bit grumpy. Sausage is already made, all I need now is chocolate milk.

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