Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rain Beautiful Rain

I love rainy days....

My hubby, me and our youngest (our oldest is at her other mom's) are hanging out listening to the rain watching The Scorpion King.

My mom got home from NC last night.

My oldest had a party at a pizza place for the whole volleyball team yesterday afternoon. Yummy pizza. The baby ate a whole piece was her first piece of pizza ever. Certainly not her last. My oldest and I exercised together yesterday to Denise Austin. That was fun....I exercised on Friday too for 20 minutes. That means WHEN (not if) I exercise today I will have exercised 5 days this week. New world record. I feel better already.

Could somebody tell me how to get my 13 month old to sleep all night. Until she was 5 months she slept through the night but since then she's slept through the night once. I let her cry before and it cut her wake ups in it's about 3 times per night and I've gotten in the bad habit of nursing her back to sleep each time. However, I want (#1)to wean her by January and (#2)to sleep at least 6 hours in a row. Last night she went to sleep at 830, woke the first time at 1045 - at that point i went in, changed her diaper, sang to her and put her back down. When I first picked her up she was throughing a hysterical fit arching backwards and just mad....i calmed her down by anyway...I got back in our room at 1100. At 1108 she started screaming and i let her cry...10 min and she was out...BUT THEN....1230ish she woke screaming again and I thought I better feed her cuz her body has gotten use to it so she may really be hungry...she went back to sleep. At 400ish she woke up again and I did the singing thing again and she went back to sleep until 645 when she normally wakes up....ANY SUGGESTIONS? I always worry that (a)her diaper is full, and she really hates that (b)she's too cold (our house is old and gets pretty cold) or (c)she's too hot (when I do run the heat her room gets so I always have to check her...anyway

We didn't go to church this morning...we watched it over the internet, which is nice on days like this...I know people do it all the time but I hate taking the baby out when it's pouring like this. We watched our church sermon over the net and listened to another sermon by Pancho Juarez of Calvary Chaple Montebello in California. I love the internet...there are so many awesome resources at our fingertips now days.

I have to get groceries, do the dishes and do a small load of laundry and I'll feel pretty caught up today. I'm making a big pot of caldillo in a is so great on days like this and into the winter. It's the greatest comfort food. Here's a link to a recipe for it... There are different variations to it...i add a couple cans of beef broth and some flour to make a nice thick sauce and I use hamburger meat. You can also skip the green chiles if you don't want them or can't find's very simple but very very tasty.

Oh, i'm gonna do something I saw on another blog but I will do it as a new post so this one isn't a mile long.

I can't think of anything else so i'm gonna go...


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