Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cold Cold Thursday

I love the summer...I love hot weather...I am not liking this cold front that come through last night. We had winds in excess of 50mph all night. There were things flying against the side of the house. My poor little one would wake up every 45 minutes so I finally decided to lay down with her on the twin bed we have in her room. That worked for about 4 hours, everytime she'd stir a little I'd just pat her. But then, at I think 3:19am, she woke completely out of her sleep, stood straight up on the bed and fell on top of me (not with out rolling onto tickle me Elmo first and making him giggle...not so funny at 3:19am). I decided to change her diaper and nurse her to get her back to sleep...she stared at me the whole time, never shutting her eyes. I begged God to help her fall asleep as I had to use the restroom desperately. Finally I just decided she would have to cry and we all would have to suffer, temporarily of course, until she finally gave in to the sandman.

After I put her down and she began to yell at me, and after using the restroom FINALLY, I slipped into my 11 year old's room and told her I had to do it and it shouldn't last long. By the time I got back into my warm sweet bed next to my warm sweet hubby....silence. Oh, how beautiful.

This morning however, actually I guess it's after noon now huh? Anyway, my neck and back are so sore from laying on one side for 4 hours, I'm a tummy sleeper and don't do well on my side, for some reason my right side is the worst and that was the side I had to sleep on. Oh well...she's napping now and has been for 20 minutes. I'm drinking my chocolate milk and reading blogs.

My hubby stayed home today. He likes to take Sundays and one other day off to just read and study the Bible and spend time with the family.

Today is the first game in the 6th Grade Volleyball Tournement...Pray for our girls as my husband is one of the coaches and my daughter is one of the players. It would be so great for them to do well.

I think I will lay on the couch and watch the end of one of the vidoes my mom made for me. I don't know if I've mentioned it in any previous blogs but we have no cable TV so my mom tapes HGTV, TLC and FOOD NETWORK shows for me. I love home makeover shows and people makeover shows and I LOVE FOOD SHOWS. Alton Brown is absolutely my favorite. I'm gonna finish watching his show on pizza now...hmmm...sounds like a plan for dinner tonight. YUMMY!

Till later...cya

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