Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Les Miserables

No, I'm not talking about us...although, well anyway....After my little cherub finally went to sleep last night my hubby and I watched Les Miserables with Liam Neison. I remember I watched it when it first came out but I have a terrible movie memory so give me a couple weeks and I could watch a movie for the second time and not remember how it ends nor any of the story lines or scenes. Anyhow, it was really a great movie. I always thought Les Miserables meant The Miserables, go figure...it means poor wretches. Ok, for some reason, when you just type in "Miserable" in google the first 3 websites that come up, in order, are George W. Bush's biography on the White House's website, Jimmy Carter's biography, and Micheal Moore's website.....huh? What the heck?

Today I begin Baby Boot Camp. www.babybootcamp.com
I'm so excited. Since I moved here 4 years ago I haven't really made many friends. I'm a stay-at-home mom....I went to school but all the kids at the time were at least 4 years younger than me....my church is really huge and I haven't taken the time to join any small groups. I signed up for the Woman's Bible Study but I was notified that the nursery my daughter was to be in was already full....and my husband is 11 years older than me so any of his old friend's wives are also quite a bit older than me....when it comes to other mother's at my oldest daughter's school...well, she's 11, I'm 29(in Dec)...most of the other mother's are also about 10-15 years older and I've just never hit it off with any of them. SOOOOOOO....i'm so excited to go to baby boot camp. There will be other mother's of toddlers there, hopefully closer to my age. (the mother's not the toddlers) Plus, I get to exercise and be outside and I know the baby will totally love it. I have to be there by 9:00 and it's already 7:30...we have to eat breakfast, get dressed, go over my check list 50 times to make sure I have EVERYTHING. I tend to over pack when I go out to do anything, but I want to make sure I have everything in case anything happens....

My daughter is sitting in her little furry Dora the Explorer chair, with her feet on a pillow in front of her (like a footrest) with a furry blanket over her lap and her arms around her little stuffed pig. She's leaning back like she's really lounging. She is so funny.

Last night she went to bed at 9:10 because I didn't feed her until late and she takes forever to eat. She woke up around 11:00 I guess, I got her back to sleep and got back in bed at 11:08...at 11:23 she started screaming....I went in, nursed her, she was so fidgety and not really eating so I stood up to rock her but I was so exhausted I couldn't stay awake, so I decided I just had to let her cry. I put her down and she cried for 20 min and was out. By this time it was 11:45...I slept on the couch so my hubby could shut the door and get some sleep. She didn't wake up again until 430 so I went in and nursed her and she slept until 710. Overall, I think it was a pretty good night, with only waking up twice really.

Here she comes....she's being so silly.

I gotta go. I want to make sure we're ready and there on time. CYA!

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