Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lots Done, Lots to do

Well, little one's naptime was about 33 minutes. That is really short compared to the normal hour or hour and a half. She just insisted on waking up so she's up.

I finished all the dishes...no problemo...all the laundry in the entire house is washed and put in it's respective room (not quite in closets and drawers yet but it's still early). I've been to the grocery store and done an overall straightening of the whole house and I feel like SUPERWOMAN! Now is when I start to get "lazy" ( I know I'm not lazy but you can get my meaning) and I start to get on the computer, sit on the couch, do nothing....I still haven't exercised....I must exercise....I have to go back to the store, I have to go to the post office and clean the bathroom, I have to actually put the clothes where they belong...I musn't quit now.

Ugh, I wish she would go back down for a nap so I could catch a couple zzzzz's. Maybe since her 1st nap was so short she'll go to sleep again soon...

She's in her little play tent right now just talking and playing. Every once in a while I hear her grunt. She has chocolate on her face. She found the bottle of chocolate syrup, as usual, and cleaned all the excess chocolate off for me. She's so thoughtful.

Well, I better keep on my roll before I get really mad at myself. I'll start with putting the clothes where they belong...then we'll see where I go from there.


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