Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where' s my maid?

it's 4:00...i'm sleepy...my daughter keeps pushing the button on her old macdonald toy and it keeps mooing and playing the song...as she's watching van gogh....zzzzzzzzz....i'm hungry and i have loads of laundry to put away that have made their home on my couch...again...our second closet. There is a load to be folded in the dryer and a load to be dried in the washer. Please note, this was not a huge day of washing...this is the last 2 or 3 days of washing that hasn't been put away yet. My husband really is a saint.

The baby took a nap this morning in my arms for an hour and 20 min but wouldn't go down for one this afternoon, although she is tired. I let her cry for 40 min and then went in and got her. Could the problem be I'm sending her mixed signals? I'm using two methods of parenting....Ferber Cry-It Out method and Pantley's No Cry Method, kinda...my poor little baby girl. I'm working on getting it right.

Did I mention I'm sleepy? I'm so hungry. I gotta go make something to eat and feed us.

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