Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tales from the House of the Non-Sleeping baby

I got so much done yesterday after that last post. The whole house was clean and I finally made the Caldillo. YUMMY! This morning I just had to throw a load in the laundry and do a couple of dishes and overall the house is pretty much done.

The baby didn't sleep good at all last night. I'm sure last night something was wrong. Teething, upset tummy, it looks like at some point she busted her lip...it could've been any number of things. Usually, on a normal night, the three times I have to go in she goes to sleep within 10-15 min. This time she screamed when I left and then fell asleep, then she woke up and then fell asleep...this went on for an hour (After 30 min I went back in but she just cried again when I left). From 1130-1230 she cried on and off. Definetly not her normal M.O....
She has always had an issue with milk making her gassy and I laid off the tummy medicine I'd been giving her cuz i realized i was just giving it to her all the time...now I remember why...she is always really gassy and sometimes it makes her fussy. Also, I'm wondering if she's finally getting her back teeth. She has 9 teeth right now and we've been waiting for the back ones to come in. At the grocery store last night my mom gave her the pack of hot dogs to play with. By the time we got to the check out she had turned them into minced hot dogs.
Tonite I will be giving her some Ibuprofen and some Anti-gassy tummy stuff before bed. We'll see how that goes.

Well, she's sleeping right now. The electricians are here to fix a few things but she seems to be sleeping through it all right now. 42 min so far. Hopefully it will last at least 30 min longer. I think I'm just gonna relax a little today. Put away some laundry and clean off my desk and I'm done for the day. Just me and my baby and playtime! Hooray.

I'm gonna go. Cya

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