Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Carpet Smells Like Ravioli

Ok, so the only reason I named my post that is because my daughter just pulled her little can of raviolis onto the floor and the ravioli juice splattered everywhere, and well, now my carpet smells like raviolis.

Honestly, this has really been a good day. I went to Baby Boot Camp, and let me tell you...they're not playing around. I had so much fun and oh my word, what a great workout. I've signed up to do it twice a week for 6 weeks starting on October 31 so this extra 10 lbs doesn't have a chance. Happily, my new workout pants are smalls. I guess I'm getting close. Just a little extra around the middle. I'm gonna be in better shape than I was before I had the baby. HOORAY!

I've gotten a lot done around the house too. I can't believe how I've been keeping up. I don't know how mother's of multiple toddlers and infants do it. I have one and I feel like I'm always a step behind. BLESS YOU ALL!

On a not so cheerful note, my daughter was playing and being so cute, and I was on the computer reading blogs and just surfing, and she turned around and ran to me.....with a trail of snot running down her nose....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.....Please Lord, don't let her be sick...Please, Please, Please.....I'm picturing nights on the twin bed in her room all scrunched up patting her on her back because she can't breathe.....oh that's right, my hubby asked me last time, why don't I just bring her into our bed....ok, now I have a plan...If she's sick, we'll see how it works out to have her with us....It's been awhile since she slept with us...like, 6 months or so I think. This should be interesting.

Anyway, she enjoyed Baby Boot Camp too. She was so quiet the whole time. I guess she was just taking in all of the new things to see and the people and their babies. We met at a park and ran, and walked, and did step-ups and push ups, and ab exercises and used resistance bands to do arm exercises. We made it the whole way around the park by the end doing different exercises as we went. It was really awesome. The leaves were turning yellow and it wasn't to hot or cold. There was an incident where there were, shall we say, older women playing tennis and complaining because we were disturbing their serve by jogging one lap around the tennis courts. The same older woman, later on, was yelling and screaming at another lady because the other lady had her dog off the leash and was breaking the law. Literally, a 70 or so woman YELLING in this other woman's face....uh, I see her point but I think there are other ways of handling that situation....anyway...we scooted past that altercation as quickly as possible and moved on.

Baby Boot Camp really is worth checking out to see if they have it in your area, if you're interested in exercising and losing weight. SO MUCH FUN!!!! www.babybootcamp.com

This is where they have them right now.
New Jersey
New Mexico

Ok, I gotta go to the grocery store.
Until later

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