Monday, October 03, 2005

Quiet Monday Afternoon

Well, today has been fun. My hubby worked from home so he was here all day. My oldest daughter(11 years old) came home sick from sch0ol today...I guess a lot of girls on her volleyball team have been out sick. Today is her other mom's day (I'm really her step-mom but we don't like to use the word "step") They couldn't get a hold of her so she came here to rest...and she's been sleeping for a couple hours. I gave her some Pepto and an Ibuprofen.

My baby daughter(13 months) had chocolate milk for the first time and wouldn't put her sippy cup down! From the very beginning of my pregnancy till even today I have had at least one HUGE cup of really chocolaty milk every day...she really seemed to love it. She is sleeping right now too. I should lay down and sleep but I feel I have so much to do. I'm trying to wean her from nursing by January (I'm going back to school HOORAY) It's so much easier to just nurse her if I haven't fixed her anything to eat and she gets hungry...but I know I can do it if I just try. She loves food and eats everything I put in front of her...even if it makes her wrinkle up her nose. I'm trying to stop nursing her in the middle of the night. She usually wakes up about 2-3 times (same time every night). Last night the first time I just took her out, changed her diaper, and sang our two songs I always sing at naptime and bedtime...Jesus Loves Me and two verses of My Jesus I Love Thee. It worked until I laid her back down and then she cried again. I went back to bed praying it would only last a few minutes...after 10 minutes I think I fell asleep. I've never done that before...slept while she was crying. Anyway, the next thing I know it's wake up time #2...i was so tired I just sat down and nursed her and she drifte back off to la la land. Like I said, I'm working on it. My husband always says "Progress, not Perfection".

My mom is in NC visiting my brother, sis-in-law, neice and my soon to be nephew (he hasn't joined us on the outside yet...he should arrive by the end of January). He will be my first nephew...I have 2 neices. One is about to turn 10 and the other just turned 2.

My hubby had to go to volleyball practice. He helps coach our daughter's volleyball team. He should be home soon and sadly enough, he has to take our oldest back to her other mother's house.....BOOO HOOOO, it's so much fun when she's here, even if she's sickyhead. It just feels complete.

I actually exercised this morning! 35 minutes with a 25lb 13 month old on my leg, on my head, on my arm...but I did it! I still have 10lbs-15lbs to lose before I feel like I'm back to the old me...although my hubby says I look fine now, which is always nice to hear. I fit in most of my old clothes but I still have that little bit extra around the middle that, to me, is absolutely gross.

I got the chicken out for dinner and the green beans and potatoes and about 10 min ago my mom-in-law called and said she was gonna pick us up some Chinese. HOORAY!

I have a pile of laundry to fold, a stack of dishes to wash, groceries to get, mail to send. It never ends! I love it.

I'm just happy we agreed I could still do this blog. It's such a good way to get everything I'm thinking down.

I want my girls to be able to look back and read my thoughts of them and us and to hear in my own words what I think and do.

Well, I've been writing long enough...ugh, the dog next door keeps barking and whining. I'm always so sure it will wake the baby up but I really don't think it ever has.

Thank the L0rd for Chinese Take-Out.


ABQ Mom said...

ditto. yeah for chinese. And aren't hubby's the nicest when they say that we look great even though we know we don't? Hurray for sweet husband's!

Stephanie said...

The funny thing is that my husband really said he'd be fine if I didn't lose any more weight! I was reading something that said we (women) see that extra skin you have left after a baby and for the most part, husbands do not. Men, when given a choice, actually usually pick a fuller figured woman as more attractive than other choices. That's always nice to hear too. My hubby is the greatest. He always, well almost always, knows what to say!