Friday, October 14, 2005

Where did my little baby girl go?

I know they say it happens to all babies around this age but I thought for sure not mine. Not the way I've been raising her, she'll never do that or be that's happening. It's been building up over the last couple weeks but last night was the worst. She hasn't been letting me read to her before her naps...she just screams and yells and arches her back so I sing and she screams and yells. Well, bedtime thus far, has remained pretty normal until last night. She screamed so much when I started to read so I quit reading and skipped straight to singing...she screamed through every verse...normally she's been giving in by the end of the 1st verse, but not last night...last night it was scream scream scream...I put her in her crib, walked out and went to my room, shut the door and cried. Having my hormones in the state they are in right now certainly doesn't make it any easier.

Today, however, for her nap....I sat down and started to read and she began to scream and I let her...I just read over the screaming...we got to a page where she particularly likes the illustration and she stopped and looked and pointed...from that point on she let me finish all of the books, she let me sing and she fell asleep on my shoulder. I put her down and she didn't make a peep for an hour and a half.

Overall, she has more fits (I wouldn't call them tantrums cuz they never last too long) then ever and I know it's normal but it's so taxing on my whole being. She's so cute and polite for the most part....always ALWAYS saying thank you in her little voice and mixed up words and she giggles and laughs and plays and she's so wonderful....why must this happen...why can't she just stay the way she's always been? I know I know, this will pass and things will get better but sometimes I wish they'd just never change. Probably not true but I surely feel that way today. She's being silly now and keeps coming up to me to get crackers and she says thank's so cute.

I really do feel bad for her too cuz I know she can't communicate the way she feels or what she wants, I should've worked more on that sign language thing. I've heard that really helps. Oh well. I gotta go get my oldest daughter from school. Hooray! I love it when she's here.

I haven't exercised or done any devotions/quiet time all week. That's what I need....why don't I make that a priority? Oh, when I get back I'll write about my new adventure I will be starting on Tuesday..BABY BOOT CAMP! I can't wait.

Until later...

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